Forget hot, warm is in!!

Getting dressed for summers is a breeze with the wide range of flirty dresses and soft, sheer fabrics. However dressing for winters calls for more imagination if you don’t want to spend the entire season swaddled under a heavy sweater and an ungainly jacket. It’s not necessary to revamp the entire wardrobe and spend tonnes of money to get a killer look for winter. A few tweaks here and some smart thinking can easily help stretch your summer wardrobe into the cold season.

Have you noticed how all celebrities look great in winter?  But do you need to be one to look like one? So let’s see how we can create an impression using some pieces already available in the wardrobe. Summer dresses for winter time!!

Turn your summer dresses to winter

Look 1: Denim Look | Look 2: Chic Evening Look | Look 3: The Boyfriend Look

The stocking-heel-cardigan combo is all the rage with young Hollywood and fashionistas everywhere. If you have a cardigan or denim jacket and a selection of warm stockings in different colours, you can wear your favourite dresses when it gets chilly and look as hot as Sonam Kapoor.  You can chic up these dresses with leather jackets or sweaters, chunky jewellery and heels for a daring look that will floor anyone.

Take tips from the boys!!

We can thank Coco Chanel for coming up with the idea of using male clothing designs on women.  This season, Vogue  suggests adding a dash of boyish charm to your outfits.  Think ankle length pants, oversized shirts and blazers. Give a girly twist with skinny jeans, frilly shirts and blazers a la Kate Middleton. Or else, ooze sex appeal with boots, draped tops and jackets like Kim Kardashian. Go with what you are comfortable with and own the look.

Do something different this season and unleash the style icon in you. Use the trends, mix it, bend it, break it and make your own style. It’s winter – time to come out of your shell ladies!!

Images Credits: Model – Anshita, Stylists – Roshinee and Lavanya, Photographer – Sharad Thakur