Santa’s Little Helpers

It’s that time of the year when your spirits are high in anticipation of the festive season ahead, Christmas and New Year. I am in love with this time of the year as it gives us time to reflect upon and a reason to celebrate. December was when we had school holidays. My mother would hand out chores for which we’d receive golden stars. One of my fondest memories was “helping Santa” gift wrap. I did this every Christmas, proving to get more and more creative with my special packaging skills. Ever since, every Christmas, I would create new and interesting methods of wrapping presents and this year I’d like to share some with you.

The easiest trick of gift wrapping is Doing it yourself (DIY) using all magical things available around you! The charm of receiving a well wrapped gift adds so much more to our little celebrations and for that, sometimes newspaper is all you need! Here is a list of things you require:

– Newspaper, brown paper

– Scissors

– Scotch tape

– Ribbons & lace

– Bits & baubles

– Lots of love!

Gift Wrapping for Christmas

Image Styling: Namrata, Photography: Manish

  • Lekha Shastry

    And I aspire to be you! Lovely post! A beautiful start to a very normal day!

    • Namrata

      Thank you Lekha! :)

  • Shaaz Abbasi

    such a beautiful way to create packaging
    i jus love the color scheme here

    lookin forward to see more from you…!!!

    • Namrata

      Hey Shaaz… Glad you liked it! Hoping its inspired you :) Thank you :)

  • Shuholiday

    Wow, with wrapping like that the gift is a bonus!

    • Namrata

      Hey Shuholiday! Why don’t you also try your hand at some DIY giftwrapping? :)

  • Anonymous

    Hi! We’re glad you liked the DIY… keep posted for next months DIY!!!