Color blocking for men is so in!

Remember how your mom used to say, “don’t wear orange pants with a pink tee, unless you want to look like a deranged Bollywood actor dying to get attention.” It’s time to forget what mommy said (no offence to any mom on earth) and move up the fashion scene, with something called ‘Color Blocking!

The most faddish trend of this season, as per all the fashion magazines, from Elle to GQ is color blocking. It is as the word says, putting blocks of colors next to each other to create a colorful, bright, dazzling outfit. Which does not mean that you use ten different colors in one go, unless of course you want to look like a modern art painting! Art sells, but you won’t! Pick two-three interesting colors that look fabulous together, like purple and burnt orange, or turquoise and yellow, or sky blue and chilli red, and so on.

If you thought color blocking was restricted to Western wear alone, think again! Indian ethnic wear has such rich, vibrant hues; use them to your advantage. A blue kurta with intricate chikan work teamed with a white churidar and an eye-popping green stole is all you need to work it.

Girls have taken to color blocking pretty enthusiastically…the Kardashians, the Hiltons, the Jessicas…every one’s sporting the look. What’s stopping men? If you’re not a fan of mixing up canary yellow with magenta, don’t!

Wear classic black trousers with a bright pop coloured tee and a dapper jacket. Add a tie to this ensemble and you’re good to go to work! Steer clear of patterns, and you have a fabulous no-fuss look at your disposal. If Ranbir Kapoor can do it, so can you!

Go ahead and nail it. Or rather, block it!

Image credits: GQ, Zara, LacosteBrighterman, Image styling- Amrendra, Neha
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