Your Christmas Gift Guide

Bows, ribbons, glitter and love magically wrapped for the curious heart! Don’t you just love the Christmas tradition of gifting? I definitely do, but I also go through extreme bouts of anxiety, just at the thought of what to gift others. It’s hard to imagine celebrating this festive day without giving or receiving gifts and even harder to disappoint your loved ones with unthoughtful presents. With Christmas round the corner, we decided to conduct a Facebook poll on “What you’d like to gift your favourite people this Christmas?“. Presenting to you, the most popular gift choices this season – watches, dresses, t-shirts, cufflinks and ties!

The idea of gifting a watch sounds great, especially if your boyfriend is always late! It’s an ideal present and a perfect accessory for all occasions. If you’re confused which one to pick, the classic round dial is an all-time favourite.

In the spirit of sharing, surprise your loved ones with these great presents! Its “time” to start planning for all those jolly events!

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  • kumar

    i need puma suede(black and white)

    • Namrata

      Hi Kumar… You can find Puma suede shoes at this link We don’t have the combination you want, but keep a look out :)

  • Anonymous

    Hi Kumar.. You can find some Puma suede shoes at this link :