Dressing for work – Happy Mondays!

Monday dressing!Getting to work on Mondays after a great weekend is never fun. However, dressing in corporate wear can get you into working mode right away.  If you dress sharp, you tend to perform sharp. Here are a few tips on creating the right look.

Colours– Black, blue and white are always a hit in strict corporate settings. The other shades that work are grey, beige and brown. If you like colour, opt for deep shades of purples and maroons. Leave the pastel shades for Fridays and weekends.

PatternsStripes and micro checks are preferred. Wear patterns that are not too loud. The person sitting next to you should be able to see it, not the person at the end of the hall.

Shirts – Long sleeved, button-down or straight-point collar shirts in a slim fit are recommended. Tuck in your shirts and keep the cuffs buttoned. If you do not like long sleeved shirts, choose half sleeves, rather than rolling it up.

Pants – Slim fit, flat front trousers in black, blue and grey are the best options.

Accessories – Leather Oxfords and Brogues look smart with formal wear. Leather slip-on shoes in brown and black are wardrobe staples. Silk ties, cufflinks in a discreet design, a classic analog watch with leather straps, a light woody or marine fragrance that is not overpowering  and a good quality writing pen add personal touches to your outfit.

Formal dressing, if done right, can create a successful and powerful persona. In a world where perception is everything, looking the part does pay.