Buy the right perfume!

Buying the right perfume is a very personal choice. What you find appealing can be suffocating to another. Go ahead and choose the perfume that appeals to you since the scent you love the most is akin to your own scent signature and changes with age. Here are a few tips on how to make the right choices:

Lighter scents that are floral, fruity, aqua and citrus based are great for day wear. These should be reapplied after every few hours since the smell dissipates faster. Try experimenting with sandalwood, incense, vanilla, cardamom, vetiver and other exotic combinations. Heavier perfumes that have highly concentrated flower and musk scents  are perfect for evening wear.  Choose from Reebok, DKNY, Celine Dion, Guess, Nautica, Police, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Nike, Ed Hardy, Paris Hilton etc to find your perfect scent.

Citrus and marine fragrances are very popular with men. You can also try perfumes with notes of leather, pepper, musk and tobacco. You can go with one signature fragrance or play around with different scents according to your mood. Some of the more popular brands include David Beckham, Guess, Nautica, Police, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Nike, Ed Hardy, Formula 1,  Jaguar, Kenneth Cole, Davidoff etc

Dab the perfume on your pulse points, namely the inner wrists, throat since these areas are warmer and you need to apply less of the scent to get an effect.  If the scent you wear increases your confidence and makes you feel happier, then, by all means it’s done the job.

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