Holi Brights!

Holi brights

For a lot of people, Holi is the only time that they go anywhere near colour. But for those of you who love the unstoppable colour blocking trend , there are ways to revel in the saturated hues of the season all year long.

Girls, go nuclear with bright pinks, greens and yellows! You can also wear a white T-shirt with coloured denims (preferably pink) which are all the rage right now. Balance it out with a black handbag, black heels and chunky gold jewellery.

If you like your clothing in neutrals shades, then try experimenting with colour in the form of a yellow clutch, aqua blue shoes, pink belts or makeup – bright guava pink nail polish, turquoise blue eye shadow, jade green eyeliner – the list goes on!

Boys, a coloured watch or pair of shoes is all you need to take your regular casuals to the next level. On the other hand, go bold with a polo T-shirt in a strong hue. You can also consider backpacks, belts, socks, jackets and ties in different colours to liven up your day wear.

Indulge with abandon or use with restraint – either way, colours will create a whole new look for you.