Kareena in Agent Vinod

Summer weddings are around the corner, and no matter how much you dread it, you will have to get all dressed up. Arriving in shorts is simply not an option. It’s way too hot to wear a silk sari or a brocade anarkali suit. Take a hint from Kareena Kapoor’s look in Agent Vinod’s mod-mujra song, “Dil mera muft ka,” and opt for a fresh, simple, and pretty vibe with a dash of sensuousness, and take your summer-svelte to the next level!

Observe that the outfit (gharara-choli) is quite airy. Chiffon works great in the summers. The embroidery is light, as opposed to covering every inch of the fabric. Notice the jewelry (less is more)? Wear chunky chandelier earrings, no necklace (to show off your well-sculpted collar bones), a jhoomar perhaps, and a delicate bracelet instead of a dozen bangles. Above all, keep your makeup fresh and dewy like Kareena’s. Go for a matte look (you’ve probably had enough of the gloss and shimmer anyway), with pearl-ised lips and intense eyes (tons of kohl and mascara).

Not feeling sexy enough yet? You will, with DKNY’s Be Delicious perfume, adding hints of grapefruit, apricot, rose and jasmine with a woody tinge. If you’re into spicy fragrances, check out the Miss Sixty Elixir, that smells of star anise, vanilla and sandalwood, with spicy tones. And if fruity-floral is your thing, Jesus Del Pozo’s Ambar with notes like mandarin, bergamot, iris flower, peony in a woody aroma might appeal to you. Spray on a whiff of hotness, and get ready for every wedding that comes your way!

Women's perfumes for the summer

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