The Inner Story

You may spend a lot of money on your wardrobe essentials, but how much effort do you put into choosing your inner-wear? Sure, no one sees it, but what if somebody special does? Even otherwise, don’t deprive yourself of the joy of wearing something that suits your personality and moods. Here are a few inner-wear trends that will make dressing up a whole lot of fun.

Most men can be divided into two groups – Boxers and briefs. Then, there is the small percentage who like both. Last comes the brave who go for everything from thongs to leather to (gasp!) pink. Most of you probably buy your inners on auto-pilot. However, here are a few trends that you can try out this season.

Innerwear for men

The right lingerie does more than offer support – it lifts your spirits and helps you morph at will from sexy seductress to cute tomboy to girl next door.

Innerwear for women