Ten drops of fun

What to do during the rainy season

June’s around the corner, very soon it will start raining (I wish it rained men. Sigh!), and it’s best to be prepared for the monsoons. To make life simpler for you in the upcoming unpredictable and mucky weather, I have put together a set of 10 commandments that are, though not binding, sure to make the rainy weather more enjoyable for you.

  1. I will not wear my favourite leather shoes in the rain and murder them
  2. I will buy an umbrella/raincoat to protect my clothes and hair from brutal showers
  3. I will always carry a light jacket with me, in case it gets a little chilly, instead of shivering and showing off goose bumps
  4. I will not wear flip-flops and ruin my clothes with splashes from dirty, muddy water
  5. I will buy waterproof-yet-stylish footwear to avoid heartache due to rain-damage
  6. I will wear bright colours or jewel tones to make up for the gloomy, sunless climate
  7. I will invest in a trendy waterproof watch, so that even when I am late for my date, I still look fabulous
  8. I will wear shorts and capris (not to work perhaps), and shield my jeans from rain water
  9. I will eat ice creams while the rest of the world drinks hot chocolate
  10. I will not restrict my music player to songs that are about the rain (though “Paani da rang” from Vicky Donor+rain=magic)

While you need to protect yourself on the road from slush and all things disgusting, it is undeniable how much fun it is to splash around in the rain. Don’t refrain from taking a rain-bath (sans soap), and rediscover the little pleasures in life :-)

  • Ghosh Mithu

    must to do

    • StyleMynt

      Hahaha Ghosh! Pretty excited about the rains, are we? :-)