Monsoon Hairdo

With the monsoons coming on, the damp and warm weather does not allow for complicated hairstyles. Limp and frizzy hair is here to stay, making it necessary for you to opt for a fuss- and frizz-free hairdo. A chic and easy way to go about this is to play with a classic ponytail or a messy bun. In fact, the ponytail can do wonders by keeping your hair well protected from the humidity. To add that extra oomph to your hair, don some funky accessories.

Avoid using styling products like mousse or hair spray, instead, use a frizz-free, leave-in conditioner right after shampooing your hair. You should also avoid the hairdryer, but if you cannot stay away from this gadget, then ensure you use a heat-protecting spray. The final tip I have for you is: eat those veggies and fruits! The antioxidants and nutrients will leave your hair lustrous and shiny.

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