Katrina Kaif: The face that launches millions of sighs

It’s Katrina’s birthday today, and yes, just like you, I am in awe of her! That woman seems to be getting younger by the second…if that’s possible. This pretty girl has come a long way from her “Boom” days, and is considered one of the top Bollywood female actors. With a beautiful face and great body, plus the fact that she has evolved into a fine dancer, she also has a fabulous sense of style. Obviously, a lot of women all over the country want to dress like her, in a bid to look like the queen of Hindi cinema.

You might have seen pictures of “London Ishq”, a Yash Chopra film starring Katrina and Shahrukh Khan. There is this one image that is all over the internet, and I quite liked her outfit in it. If not the exact same thing, I have tried to put together something that comes really close, and promises to look wow. Check it out, and also let us know what you think of her personal style. Happy birthday Katrina!

katrina kaif birthday
Image Credits: London Ishq