Queen of the tropics


So you like a bit of colour on your face, but you don’t want to look like Rihanna in the “Who’s that Chick” video. Well, we got something for you. Colour has dominated the fashion scene this year – think brights, pastels, candy tones, etc. One of the coolest trends emerging right now is inspired by the tropics – think blue skies, hibiscus reds, papayas, corals, the colours on a hummingbird’s wings etc. Brands have used this as inspiration to create a truly lush, tropical, make-up colour palette.

You can channel this look with coral and fruity pink lips. As for your eyes, you can experiment with blue, yellow, and aqua green eyeliners and shadows, while keeping the rest of the make-up subtle. Tropical colours are great news for girls who love their nail polish. Layer yellows, blues and papaya pinks for dramatic finger tips, or wear one colour alone – either way the effect will not be diminished. Use it to add a happy vacation vibe to a T-shirt and jeans combo. Alternatively, go ahead and pull off an over the top look with coloured hair, face and printed, sexy outfit. A girl can never have too much fun.