Fire it Up!

Red, yellow, orange: some glorious fire tones to light up your ensemble.


Fire tones for men

Come on boys, don’t be shy! Wear a blood red T-shirt with dark blue denims or khaki pants to the pub (and may I suggest you get a little cheesy by ordering a Bloody Mary?). However, if you’re not too sure of it, wear some funky yellow shorts on the beach. Work out, get fab-abs, and go topless. And when it’s time to take those shorts off, make sure you’re wearing orange briefs to surprise your girl with a dash of colour.

Fire tones for women

I think women are more open to experimenting with fire tones (or, being a woman who loves her warm tones, I may be biased), and look quite stunning in them too. An eye-catching orange dress is all you need to set the dance floor on fire. Or some pretty yellow peeptoes with a blue dress and get a hot colour blocked look. And do I even need to mention what red lingerie does to the boys?

  • Shatabdi

    My blue-black wardrobe is so getting revamped by these happy colors! Thanks for the tip neha! :)

    • StyleMynt

      Any time Shatabdi :-) I am wearing red jeans today:D