Get the Look: Kalki Koechlin-PART I

Her million-watt smile can light up the darkest room. Clichéd, but apt when it comes to Kalki Koechlin. She has acted in a bunch of Bollywood movies, and in each of them, has had a distinct look that you will find tough to forget, or rather would love to remember, and maybe even emulate.

Kalki in Dev D

Kalki channelled the school girl look in a rather sexy way in Dev D, and so can you. Notice her knotted white shirt, slim red tie, luminous face and cute pom-poms in her hair? Try it out for yourself; get a white shirt, pick up a red tie (even if it’s dad’s or brother’s, who cares?), use lots of waterproof mascara, wear some plumping lip gloss for lips that look naturally pouty and kissable, and a cute little hairband. Perfect for a bachelorette party or some naughty role-playing ;-)

Kalki in That Girl in Yellow Boots

With a powerful performance in That Girl in Yellow Boots, Kalki stole many hearts, and left many stunned beyond words. To recreate her casual look, throw on a pair of distressed or ripped denims, a tunic top, and of course a pair of signature, funky yellow shoes. Don’t forget to carry a sling bag, wear some colourful stacked accessories on one hand, and a sleek watch on the other. Add a tribal-ish necklace to your neck, put on aviators and you’re ready to make heads turn with ease.

Which of these two looks would you actually experiment with?

Image courtesy: Facebook, Rediff