August Birthday Poppers

celebrity birthdays in august

Halle Berry: August 14th

Meow says the Bond Girl! Monster’s Ball fetched her the much-coveted Academy Award, making Halle Berry a household name. Then came Die Another Day, where she emerged from the sea in an orange bikini with a broad white belt, bringing her into the club of sexy Bond girls. She has so many looks on and off screen, it’s tough to pick a favourite. She pulls off bangs really well, with both straight and wavy hair, she has sported both single-length and asymmetrical bobs, curly and straight hair in different lengths and of course the famous pixie. A lover of black and white, she prefers wearing these colours on the red carpet, and off it loves to dress in sweaters with fitted pants.

Mila Kunis: August 14th

Mila Kunis is adored the world over for her innocent-yet-come-hither look with the perfect hourglass figure and a style dictionary that encompasses everything from girl-next-door to delicate-little-angel-on-the-red carpet. That 70’s Show and Family Guy catapulted her to success, while Black Swan brought her into the league of the gorgeous and popular. I wish she hadn’t gotten rid of her gorgeous curly tresses though. True, she looks chic with her sleek hair, especially when she dons her designer (Christian Dior, Elie Saab, Alexander McQueen, Vera Wang are amongst her favourite designers) evening gowns, but those curly locks would add to her allure even more. Agree?

Ben Affleck: August 15th

From Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez to Jennifer Garner (current wife), from winning the Oscar for the Best Screenplay (Good Will Hunting) and the Razzie for Worst Actor (Daredevil, Gigli, Paycheck), Ben Affleck has literally been there, done that. *Snigger*. He looks equally handsome in a pair of jeans and T-shirt as he does in a black tuxedo. Ben has experimented quite a bit with his hair, from formal spiky to short spiky and conservative. I am not a big fan of his beard; he looks way better with lightly tousled hair and a slight stubble, or clean shaven.

Madonna: August 16th

Who can say she’s 54 years old? Not I at least! With the looks of a 30 year old woman and energy of a 16 year old, she is more than just the princess of Pop; Madonna is undoubtedly the queen of this genre. Her trademarks range from red lips, athletic figure, leotards, to Jean Paul Gaultier conical bras, Marilyn Monroe-ish hair and style, goth-inspired ensembles and more. She loves to experiment, and more often than not, shocks the world with her brazen and sometimes bizarre outfits. A salute to the style diva of this century. 

Blake Lively: August 25th

The ultimate Gossip Girl, her first step into Hollywood was The Sisterhood of The Travelling Pants. It is rumoured that she merely left her photo with the casting agents, didn’t even audition, but was still picked as she seemed to be perfect for the role. What luck, huh? This leggy lass is close to 5 feet 11 inches tall, and apparently hates wearing heels, though she is frequently seen in sky-high stilettos. This super stylish girl loves her colours and has been spotted in tangerine, crimson, lavender, midnight blue, candy pink and of course neutrals like black, grey and white. Not for nothing is Blake the face of Gucci and Chanel, and is regularly voted amongst the sexiest women in the world.

Cameron Diaz: 30th August

She burst onto the silver screen crooning like a sexy siren in The Mask, and obviously became hot property soon after. Not just a pretty face, Cameron is also amazingly versatile, having played both good girl (My Best Friend’s Wedding) and bad girl (Bad Teacher. Duh!) with absolute panache, and has even recorded for the animated Shrek series as the princess. Her trademarked smile and dance moves are instrumental in her being voted as one of most beautiful people in the world; of course her sexy body plays a major role too. She looks stunning even when she dresses down, like in a basic pair of jeans and T-shirt. From fiery reds to glorious blacks, whether she’s showing off her toned legs or her tantalising cleavage, or is sort of covered up, she’s an absolute rock star.

Image Credits: Emodno, Stylist, Coolspotters, Globalwhelming, Fanpop, Phil