Pre-fall colours that you will love

Everyone has a list of colours that they love. However, you would have noticed that every now and then you end up buying something in a colour that is so not you. This happened to me a few years ago, when I had a wardrobe peppered with clothes in all shades of yellow. It has not happened before, but it might happen again. Trends, after all, reflect mass mentality. Therefore this time, I was quite relieved to see the sober colours that made up the pre-fall trends.

This year, you can look forward to pretty much all colours that make up a winter landscape – dark neutral tones of greys, navy, black and browns. The accent colours are made of reds, deep greens, and purples. Out of these I have for you three colours, which I feel can be added to your wardrobe easily. You can get clothes in these colours, or you can get accessories. Either way, these colours will help update your wardrobe.

Browns prefallSandy shades to deep, dark chocolates – designers are playing with every shade of brown this year. Guys can consider buying T-shirts in different shades of brown along with, trousers and jackets in tweeds and corduroys. You can get stylish brown shoes and heels that can be used year after year. A watch with a brown leather strap is almost an investment. The other things you can get are brown bags, wallets, belts, leather thong jewellery, etc.
redsWhen I say red, I mean deep, luscious shades in ruby. Red is not everyone’s cup of tea, however, it’s a powerful colour. Guys can experiment with red shirts. Those who are not keen on that can go for red sneakers, socks, ties or cuff-links. As for girls, a gorgeous dress in deep maroon suits pretty much every Indian skin type. If that’s too much, then consider a red bag or a pair of shoes which can breathe life into any outfit.
olive green prefall
Another colour that I see coming on in full swing is olive green. Guys can opt for shirts, pants or shoes in this colour. As for girls, an olive green dress or a pair of leggings will be spot on for the coming season. Those who are not crazy about this hue can experiment with belts, wallets and bags in this shade.