Assault Resistant Fashion

Assault resistant clothing

Recently there has been a rash of “moral police“crimes in India. No, we are not talking about men attacking child abusers, shutting down brothels and rescuing prostitutes, forming social support groups that take care of the poor, chivalrously walking women home in the middle of the night etc. We are talking about groups of men who attack/molest women who are dressed “provocatively”.

When I say “provocative” clothing, I do not mean nipple tassels and beaded outfits that leave little to the imagination. I’m talking about regular, everyday, western casual-wear. I once saw a movie where an obnoxious, city girl wearing skimpy clothes nearly got assaulted by a bunch of men. The scenes after that show her in a goody-two-shoes, half-sari-wearing, whiny, teary avatar. This is hilarious, because it made me think that the first thing she did on getting back home was go shopping for a new wardrobe – made entirely of ethnic Indian wear. As though women in saris don’t get sexually assaulted regularly. Unfortunately, there is certain amount of social acceptance that goes with assaulting a young woman in shorts or a skimpy dress.

So ladies, what do you do? I suggest that you get a little provocative, sorry, proactive. First of all protect yourself. This could mean everything from being assertive to taking self defense classes. Think of it as the human equivalent of the rose with thorns. Next, be confident. If you look scared, then half the battle is lost. Finally, be fierce. If you are faced with a mob of twenty men, think of taking atleast one down with you. And if you are actually wearing western wear, then use it to your advantage. Whack the villains with your chunky bags, give a solid strike to their nether regions with your stiletto heels, strike them with confidence with your spiked arm bands. If you have a tiny bottle of perfume on you, then please spritz it in their eyes. Shorts, mini skirts and jeans were made for freedom of movement. You can either run to safety, or stand and fight. At least make them suffer a bit. They deserve it.

Here’s to western wear and its hidden potential. Next time the moral police declares war on fashion, fight back with your wardrobe.

Link Credits: Times of India, Women’s Health, NDTV, Rediff