Autumn looks – Save Vs Splurge

The weather is getting chillier day by day. Time to buy some cover ups and start layering.  I bet a lot of you guys are planning to get a great jacket that will see you through the whole season.  Great idea, but you can have more fun if you also stock up on sweatshirts, scarves and hoodies.  And there’s no need to bust the bank every time you make a purchase.You can easily update a favourite pair of jeans and T-shirt combo with a new jacket and scarf. Add a great pair of shoes and a watch and you are good to go.
autumn save vs splurge menGirls, we have it easy. There are so many ways to stretch our wardrobe, so that we end up getting the most out of every jacket and cute sweater we buy. We can easily create a new look each time by changing our accessories. Check out the Save and Splurge option I got for you – it’s a blue, white, black and silver combo that’s channeling some of the hottest trends this season. Try it out and let me know how it goes. Even better, change the colour of the sweater, or the shoes, or the bag to come up with your own cool combos!

autumn save splurge women