Dusky Divas

Happy birthday to beyonce, padma lakshmi, salma hayek

Padma Lakshmi: 1st Sep

People say you are what you eat. Wonder what Padma Lakshmi eats to look like that huh! I remember people watching Top Chef just to check her out. She sure did have a fabulous wardrobe then (and now). As the host and one of the judges on the hugely popular show she was a sight to behold. A successful (read hot) model, she has also dabbled with acting, writing, and has even authored a couple of cookbooks. Her personal life has been shrouded with controversies, what with getting married to Salman Rushdie, divorcing him, having a baby (whose father’s name remained unknown for a long time)…this willowy, perfectly-poised, camera-ready-all-the-time woman turns 42 today. Happy birthday to a classic beauty.

Salma Hayek: 2nd Sep

Her exotic accent, sensual face, luscious body and intense stare can make anyone’s heart stop beating. Known mostly for playing sexy roles, she stunned the world with her portrayal of Frida Kahlo, the painter most famous for her self-portraits. The film Frida, bursting with passion and poignancy, established her as a “serious” actor, winning her a handful of awards and tons of respect. Her raw sensuality has been her USP, and frankly, this is the kind of sexiness I can appreciate, as opposed to the women who try too hard; Salma was born sexy! She carries herself with a kind of grace that is not easily available. Any woman can look spicy in a skimpy outfit, but it takes a Hayek to look so while fully clothed. What’s your take on her?

Beyonce: 4th Sep

When Beyonce Giselle Knowles, Beyonce to you, sings in her powerful voice, you can’t help but notice this blonde, curvy diva. Her penchant for stilettos is as well-known as her illustrious career; she is not just a singer, but also a songwriter, producer, actor, model and fashion designer, besides being a “yummy mummy” and Jay-Z’s wife. Though she is essentially an R&B artist, there are great influences of pop, hip hop, soul and funk in her music. Her super-large earrings and high-slit evening gowns with deep, really deep necklines are instrumental in making her the stylish person that she is. She is sometimes criticised for wearing too much black, but I think that’s rather unfair ‘cause she looks quite stunning in it. Which colour do you think should she wear more?

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  • daleez88

    May you please delete this article. Its offensive to dusky toned people because if you google image salma hayek..she is very light skinned. nowhere near dusky like padma lakshmi and kenya moore. Please make good representations of dusky women. Even in European standards,salma is light! if salma is dusky that means germans are dusky as well because she shares the skintone with many europeans and white actresses

    I understand you want to express the beauty of dusky skin but please use REAL dusky women and not women of spaniard lebanese descent.