Three… two… one… voila!

Does the word scarf bring Dev Anand to your mind? It does for me. Maybe that’s why I was in a scarf rut all this while. Well, today I spent some time with one of my colleagues, Sangay, who wears scarves pretty much every day and got a few tips from her. I clicked some pics of her which you can see below. I definitely intend to try out style number two. Do let me know which one works for you.

scarves three two one

Style 1
Long and short loop – Take a scarf and loop it twice around your neck. Wear the second loop a bit longer for coolth. If you can’t get a circular scarf, try hemming the scarf ends together.

Style 2
Double loop – This is a lot like style one, except that the loops are of the same length.  Tuck in the ends for a neat, compact loop around your neck.

Style 3
Little bow – Sangay demonstrated this really easy, stylish scarf bow. All you need to do is drape the scarf with equal lengths on both sides and make a little bow. It helps if your scarf is long and the fabric is easy to knot.

For those who prefer something a lot simpler, you can try out the three styles shown in our earlier post. The post was written for men, but the styles will work just as well on the ladies.