Style up our alley

This is the first of a series of posts we are introducing on fashion on the streets.

On a rainy Friday evening, I decided to scout the streets of the Cantonment area in Bangalore in search of 10 well dressed men and women. With me was our trusted lensman Sharad Thakur and my ragged bag which carried the most valuable things for the evening, the writing pad, and of course a pencil.
Brigade Road, MG Road and Church Street were the pre-determined scouting locations. For anyone familiar with Bangalore, the Cant. Area as it’s called, is where the city’s happening lot hang out. There’s a lot of youth energy (collegians, young professionals) and is ideal for watching high street fashion trends. We had announced this Myntra initiative on Twitter last week and kept our promise of handing over goodies to the Myntra Style King and the Myntra Style Queen. Read on to know what and why they won, and about the rest of the style junkies who provided our fashion photographer enough eye candy.
We came away impressed with the fashion quotient on the streets of Bangalore, easily one of the hippest cities in the country today. And here’s ample proof!
style queenThe Style Queen
Our first catch, Amy Lenathen, ended up winning the coveted Style Queen title. Honestly, there couldn’t have been a better start to the evening for us as well as for her. Amy, a journalist with Indulge, New Indian Express, hails from Scotland and carries the high street look fabulously on her petite frame. Enjoying the Scotland weather here, Amy was seen walking past Mota Royal Arcade carrying a hot pink umbrella. We couldn’t resist asking her to pose with the cutesy umbrella, just to remove the úncool’ tag umbrellas have been carrying for so long. Ladies, take note of how an umbrella can transform a look.
Amy had on her a busy floral printed scarf, a pair of fitted cargos that stopped a few inches above her ankle and a snug white tank top. She won us over with her accessories. A big dialled watch, a tiny antique watch pendant, simple pearl studs on her ears and snazzy shades added to her cool quotient. A leather belt that came with the trouser completed her look. On her manicured feet were open toed sandals.
Amy’s style mantra: I have a very British sense of style. At times I like to experiment with vintage fashion.

style kingThe Style King

It was Kouame Wilfried’s lucky day. We spotted him outside a buzzy coffee shop on Church Street. The Meridian Institute student who hails from Ivory Coast bowled us over with his impeccable sartorial sense. Most of what he was wearing was from unassuming little shops on Brigade Road. Since the weather was nippy, he wore a yummy chocolate brown zipper cardigan with a white and grey vertical striped cotton shirt underneath and classic blue denims. A multi-hued striped slip knotted scarf, a bold round dialled watch and a ring were his choice of accessories. A well maintained goatee and a fun demeanour about him made Kouame the obvious choice for our fashion laurel. Besides, this man sure does know how to accessorise right!

The winners received Apple ipods from Myntra. Yes, just for looking good and dressing well. And yes, it does happen in the real world!
Kouame’s style mantra: My style is about the freedom of expression.

The rest of the fashion brigade

angeiqueAngeique Kebe, a tourist from France caught our eye while she was sipping coffee with her friends. A tad shy, she took a while before giving her nod to the shoot. Dressed in an ankle length knife pleated bright blue skirt and a black knotted jacket over a black tee, Kebe seemed to be a fan of all things bold and beautiful. On her wrist was a chunky watch, and her silver and gold hoops from Africa, were the biggest we have seen so far. Matching strappy flats showed off her French manicured feet.
Kebe’s style mantra: Classic and feminine.

lucy hepworthThen there was the beautiful Lucy Hepworth, who works as a midwife in Australia. Delicate and nymph like, she marvelled us with her red and black animal printed mini dress with an interesting knot that she teamed with black stockings. Her shoes, leather brogues made in Penang, Malaysia and a functional leather hold all from hometown Perth, highlighted her simple style. Vintage scarf and a Pandora’s charm bracelet from Perth were the only accessories she wore. Less sometimes clearly is more!
Lucy’s style mantra: An easy dresser with minimal accessories.

antooThe easiest way to grab eyeballs is to don something in a pop colour, like say a bright canary yellow. Antoo Javeed played by this rule and got our attention! A leather brown satchel complemented his yellow jacket beautifully and the US Polo sneakers gave the look a casual chic touch. The half Turkish half Indian model who also works in the home loan sector, made a great statement without trying too hard.
Antoo’s style mantra: Comfortable and cool.

pallaviAfter bidding Antoo goodbye, we met Pallavi Dutta, a PYT(pretty young thing, for the uninitiated) studying Art at Shristi School of Design. A cute black polka dotted dress worn with fun purple stockings and pretty black ballerinas from Inc 5 made her look like she’s just stepped out of a Mad Hatter themed party. A copper necklace and a pretty bag with a bow was all she needed for a fun evening out with friends.
Pallavi’s style mantra: Quirky with not too much make up.

ranjithaRight in front of the metro station, we met Ranjitha Janardhan. You couldn’t miss her even if you tried very hard. She was wearing a candy pink graphic printed tee with jewel work, after all! So totally kitschy and cool it was! A colour splashed orange and white belt sat beneath her conversation starter of a tee and an indigo silk sling bag from Bhutan was just the right accessory to take her boho chic look a few notches higher. A delicate nose pin and funky hoops from Goa gave this English teacher at Microsoft the required mojo.
Ranjitha’s style mantra: hippy-go-lucky

vineshThen there was the uber cool Vinesh Thakur, walking in a leisurely Friday pace with his big bright blue backpack down Church Street. The flight attendant with an international airlines insisted his urban chic look was merely a result of “pulling out the first thing he saw in my wardrobe.” Whatever it was, he oozed coolth in his aqua blue Adidas shoes, steel grey knee length cargos and a graphic printed tee picked up at a flea.
Vinesh’s style mantra: Lazy, cool and comfortable.

rubiSome of the most stylish people on the streets are students. B Pharma student of St John’s College Rubi Dhukkwa proved that. His grandfather glasses helped him achieve the geek chic look and a smart checked cowl neck shirt with a layer on top with fitted trouser made him stand out in the crowd.
Rubi’s style mantra: Loves Korean fashion.

rajashriB Com student Rajarshi Bhattacharya closed our list for the best dressed fashionistas on the street. We are sure that his eye for detail and a great sense of accessorising makes him quite a rockstar on campus and even off it. A wrist full of beads, metal studs on his ears and an Aamir Khan-esque goatee complemented his grey evening shirt and Levis jeans with interesting buckle detail. The Nike shoes ensured comfort on the streets.
Rajarshi’s style mantra: High on accessories.

It wasn’t really all about what they were wearing, but how they were wearing them. Fashion is seldom about labels; it’s about the right attitude. And in that department, everyone scored.