Sayonara to oopsie fashion moments

It happens to the best of them. And while on rare occasions it’s a deliberate attempt to grab eyeballs and trend on Twitter, wardrobe malfunctions can make most celebrities hide underground or run for cover, whichever is possible sooner. The latest malfunction casualty is emerging Bollywood star Parineeti Chopra. Ms Chopra wore a body hugging knee length tangerine dress at a special screening of Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi, and the dress tore at the seam from behind. The petite actress realised what had happened soon enough and dashed back home. But by then the shutterbugs had already captured the ‘split wide open’ image with their lenses which was to go viral in a few hours.
It’s not just Chopra. Most celebrities the world over have been there. Remember that one time when celebrated author JK Rowling got herself into a rather embarrassing situation when the neckline of her dress slid during one of her readings? Bollywood actresses Kareena Kapoor, Sushmita Sen, Yana Gupta, Mallika Sherawat have all been guilty of committing the most common fashion faux  pas, flashing their panties at press events while sitting cross legged.
Innerwear showing through sheer fabrics, panties flashing, going commando or a bustier snapping when there’s nothing underneath – the trauma of a public wardrobe malfunction can leave you scarred for life.
Consider this. If it can happen to divas with an entourage of stylists and designer friends, it can very well happen to the rest of us mere mortals. How do we pre-empt malfunctions? Style Mynt asked the experts.
Edward Lalrempuia, the man behind the seminal styles on the ramps of fashion weeks in India and ex-stylist of Vogue India says the trick lies in buying good quality products. “Low quality zippers can get ripped. Invest in something that’s sturdy. Also, if you’re wearing a scooped necked dress, wear a Hollywood tape (cleavage tape) to prevent any accident,” suggests Edward, adding, “For a strapless dress, ensure that it fits properly in the bust area so that it doesn’t fall.”
Edward feels anyone going commando is doing so for cheap publicity as there’s hardly any excuse for forgetting your knickers home. But if you’re wearing a mini dress and are apprehensive of showing off more than desired, here’s a tip from Edward. “It’s how you sit. You can’t be sitting carelessly,” he says.
Not wearing your size can also result in malfunctions. “If you want to buy something fitted, buy it with a stretch fabric so that it doesn’t rip,” advises Edward.
If you are wearing a sheer dress (in all likelihood you will, since it’s quite a rage right now), it’s best to team it up with innerwear of the same colour.
When you’re all dressed up for a party, don’t forget to mind the fashion Ps and Qs. Mumbai-based fashion designer Nisha Jamvwal says she averts her gaze from objectionable panty flashes at almost every party she attends. “Indian women, who have Salwars and Saarees in their gene code are still to learn how to wear short dresses without showing cellulite! I wear a bodysuit under sheer dresses so that the skin color keeps alive sex appeal without the dress looking vulgar with straps or underwear showing through. I advocate it to my models too as I am known for my sheer and flowing garments. I re-enforce seams so that they double strengthen,” she reveals.
When Nisha finds seams dubious, she gets them re-stitched! “Cleavage malfunctions can be managed if your innerwear is a bikini.  Since my casual wear almost always consists of strappy dresses and halters, I’m fastidious about having sewing kits and safety pins on me. At my recent IPL show, I had a trial where I pre-empted some issues and pulled out two garments with laced up backs. Skin coloured hot shorts are a must for models on the ramp but even for the rest, it’s a good idea if you’re wearing something really short so that when you sit cross-legged, you don’t run the risk of flashing your panty,” she avers.
So watch seams, include skin coloured inner wear, double strengthen tassels, beads and bows that are likely to fall and if all else fails then carry your attitude to pull off an unavoidable accident knowing that in the fast track world of fashion it happens to the best of us!