Ring side view of style diva Eve Torres

wrestler eve

Popular American professional wrestler and winner of WWE’s Diva Search Eve Torres paid a visit to Bangalore, India over the weekend. Accompanying her was fellow wrestler Kane. I caught up with the impossibly hot Eve for a quick style talk even as she told me how excited she was to go sari shopping and couldn’t wait to go back to her Bollywood dancer friend in LA to help her drape it the right way.
Here’s what Eve had to say about her style philosophy.
My style persona: My style is different depending on what I am doing, whether it’s on screen or off it. On screen, I keep it classy, feminine and sexy. Finding the right combination is important and I strive for that and ensure I don’t show too much skin. I love bright colours which look good on TV and make you stand out without much effort. I think it’s really important to dress for your body type. Since I’m a little bit more muscular than models, I have to be careful about what I wear.
I dress according to my body type: Play up your assets. If you are muscular with nice shoulders, show your arms off instead of wearing super tight dresses. If muscular women wear too tight clothes, they can look even more muscular and less feminine. If there’s one thing women need to work on, it’s their shoulders to give shape to their upper body.
I’m a boutique shopper: I like going to boutiques and finding stuff I won’t find anywhere. I live in LA, so I go to Melrose Avenue to shop.
Five key pieces in a woman’s wardrobe:
A good blazer you can wear all year
A little black dress. Every woman needs an amazing black dress they feel sexy in
One accessory that suits your body type, it could be a belt or even a scarf
A pair of shoes that’s both comfortable and stylish
A pair of well fitted jeans as it can be dressed up or down. My favourite is J Brand.
Designers I dig: Michael Korrs. His clothes are great, but his accessories are what I love. That’s what I add to my wardrobe. Since I travel so much, I need great accessories. Then there’s Coco Chanel. I have her quilted bag and have worn Chanel dresses and a blazer.
Looking back on fashion faux pas: On television, we have a different character and a seamstress produces the gears for us. But I’m also a wrestler, so the hardest thing for me is to pick something that defines my character. I go through a lot of trial and errors and have had many errors on my way. As a WWE diva, you’re supposed to be a sex symbol. But sometimes girls try to overdo that. And that’s a big mistake.
A current trend I’m crushing on: I love waterfall hemline skirts. If I could have one in every single colour, I would. You could dress them up with heels or wear them with a pair of sandals and go to the airport. It’s a great piece to have.
A style icon I admire: Kim Kardashian. I’m not a fan of her personally, but she knows how to highlight her curves. I think Kanye West helped her dress well. Sometimes it takes a man to dress you right even though a woman is supposed to make a man dress better. Every time I see her, I’m like, “Gosh I need that outfit.”
I dress for the season: I live in California, where it’s summer all the time. But when I visit cold places, my wardrobe is different. In summers, I wear neutral, bright colours and like my wedge boots during fall.
Fashion tip for my fans: The easiest way to recycle a look is to accessorise well. Also, dress for your body type. Most people see others dress in a certain way and copy that. Find the trends that make you feel good and comfortable.