A stylista called Piggy Chops

priyanka chopra

Ask the now effortlessly stylist Priyanka Chopra what’s been the biggest wardrobe disaster in her career and she dissolves into helpless laughter before saying, “Krrish.” She admits that Krrish happened at a time when she didn’t know much about style. Six years and many ‘best dressed awards’ later, it’s obviously a different story now. PC, as she’s fondly called, is the champion of easy chic today and she’s only getting better by the minute. I met the gorgeous actress for a leisurely, girly chat and she couldn’t stop gushing about her love for shoes. Here’s a sneak peek into her style file.

I like florals, antique gold and colours. I was very young when I got into films and didn’t know anything about fashion, hadn’t heard of half the brands. I wore whatever I was told to wear. I had no idea about high street or high end brands. It’s only in the last three years that I have figured out what works for me, to a certain extent. It takes time. But I don’t like shopping. I don’t like going into shops and trying on clothes I can spend a whole day in a toy/gadget/ book store.

I wear a lot of Jimmy Choos and Louis Vuitton. I love True Religion and J Brand for jeans. Brands don’t matter. Of course, it’s great to wear them. But I feel if I wear something, it becomes a brand (she says this with a throaty laughter). Among the Indian designers, I like Manish Malhotra, Rohit Bal, Manish Arora, Masaba, Ramona Narang, Nadita Mahtani. Indian designers are doing amazing work these days.

I love the way Beyonce Knowles styles herself. She’s classy, elegant dignified and at the same time she can be a rock chick, she mixes things up and is not afraid to wear random things. She can look beautiful in a gown and even in shorts. Even J Lo is very well dressed.

I feel less is more. I didn’t know anything about styling and I don’t think I still do. But I know what works for me. I like to keep things minimal, but I like having one hero. If I’m wearing a printed outfit, I like that to stand out. One thing should be prominent, and the rest should just support it. But I also like to do funky things, like funky nail polish or fun accessories. I like mixing things up. If I wear a pleated soft chiffon skirt, I match it with interesting shoes or a belt. And now I have got a ‘daddy’s little girl’ tattoo. My parents didn’t let me get a tattoo and I figured that was the easiest way to get one.

Jeans. I have about 45 pairs of jeans, out of which I wear only three, repeatedly. If I can’t find things and my stylist hasn’t put a look together, I will wear the same jeans with a ganjee. My stylist wants to burn them. This one pair of shorts I have is now nine years old. They are faded, torn, dilapidated. I also have a shoe weakness. I usually style an outfit according to my shoes.

London and Europe where you find these really cool jewellery, shoes, bags and all that; Linking Road in Bombay for street jewellery and great footwear. I found these really cool chappalls on Linking Road which had a sole made of bamboo and the top was made of braided ropes.

Less is more. Don’t become a dukaan and walk out. If you’re wearing more than one accessory, they should complement each other.

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