Very Vicky, very cool


I met the incredibly adorable Ayushmann Khurrana two days before his 28th birthday on September 14. Yes, he’s a man and won’t take umbrage in his age being disclosed here. He had come down to Bangalore to launch the Koramangala branch of Bounce salon. After he got a smart snip from one of the ace hairstylists, he spared a couple of minutes to chat with me on his sartorial choices. While he wore the ‘Delhi dude’ look with ease in his debut film Vicky Donor, off screen, Ayushmann is quite a stylish man, and yet not a bonded slave to trends. The boy from Chandigarh makes his own statements and stands by them.

Style is something that should come naturally. You don’t become stylish overnight. You need to have a certain exposure. You should not try too hard. If you’re an extrovert, you should be radical in your fashion sense. If you’re not, then it’s better not to try that. I feel even T-shirt and torn jeans can make a statement. Fashion to me is not trying too hard.

I like mixing colours. Right now, the dial of my watch is matching with the tie (both are red). I’m quite a bit into accessories. I’m not very brand conscious, other than my belts, watches and wallets which need to be from luxury brands. I have a Louis Vuitton belt, a Burberry wallet, a Tag Heur or Rado watch. Certain things define manhood.

When I style my character in films, I think about the people who might stay in the same place as the character.

I recently started wearing boots (he was wearing black rain boots when we met him). Normally I wear canvas or colourful shoes. I love wearing ties. I think it’s a great way to accessorize your look when you’re confused. It’s not very formal and you can funk it up with a nice tie pin. A man should have good belts, watches and different kinds of ties. The fat tie will certainly make a comeback.

A bit of everything. I have 10 pairs of classic blue jeans, out of which three are my favourite — a dark blue, a light blue and a green pair which I wore to the screening of Shanghai at IIFA Awards. I have even worn yellow trousers to film premieres.

I used to style myself very differently when I was a radio presenter. You can wear anything and it doesn’t matter because people can’t see you. When I joined MTV, things changed, but not radically. I remember having thick stubble back then. The conditioning helps. Even now, I have people consulting me for fashion. I mingle with people who are stylish.

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