A toast to tangerine

lifw tangerine When those in the know declared that tangerine would be one of the top colours to watch out for this year, I honestly did not think much of it. I felt that this red-orange shade just did not have the power to move the masses, the way reds and pinks do. But now, way into the year, with a wardrobe peppered with clothes in this shade, and after attending a wedding or two where the gorgeous brides opted for make-up in tangerine, I feel that it’s here to stay. And then of course we had some of the most talented designers showcase tangerine at the recently concluded Lakme Fashion Week. New age designers like Babita M, Sidhartha Aryan, Amrita Thakur, Prashant Chauhan, Payal Khandwala… showed various shades of the hue in their collections. (see picture above)

This year, pretty much everyone from Burberry to Alexander McQueen have dabbled in it. Our Bollywood celebrities were not far behind. Priyanka Chopra, Asin, Katrina Kaif and many more were spotted wearing it. Maybe it’s time to invest in a few pieces of your own. Tangerine has the ability to perk up any ensemble. This is a real blessing considering the fact that this season offers a profusion of clothing pieces in browns, blues and blacks. Tangerine will go a long way in adding the fun element in copious doses in your wardrobe.
tangerine productsDO YOUR TANGERINE RIGHT

  • A lot of bright colours usually go together, but in case of tangerine, it’s best to limit it to just one piece at a time – wear tops, shorts, pants or skirts in this colour with black or brown separates.
  • A tangerine dress or gown can be a real head turner. However, balance out the strong colour with neutral makeup and accessories in nude.
  • Opt for outerwear in tangerine like blazers, coats or cardigans in this shade.
  • For the hesitant ones, think about buying shoes or bags or jewellery in this colour.

Finally, there is no denying the impact tangerine has had on make-up. I spoke to the very talented Gouri Kapur, who has, in the past, worked with the likes of Deepika Padukone and Tamara Moss, for a few pointers on how to wear this strong shade. Here are a few useful tips from Gouri on embracing the colour.
Tangerine is a gorgeous colour and comes in different shades ranging from ripe peach to a lovely reddened orange. It portrays oomph and glamour and is the closest one can get to a bright red.

Being a warm tone, it works great on Indian skin, all the way from fair to wheatish tones.
A deeper reddish orange can work on wheatish to dark skin tones as well.


  • Balance the colour; if you’re going all out on the lips, keep your eyes subtle and let your lips do the talking – it’s a great colour to experiment with.
  • It works better with fuller lips. If you’re not blessed with full lips, experiment with your eyes by keeping your lips peachy and glossy. Gouri’s favourite: Matte tangerine
  • Tangerine nails are a good option if you are not the ‘out there’ kind of a girl.

If you are adventurous – tangerine with purple works great!
If you want a hint of colour, then it goes well with outfits in neutral browns.
tangerine makeup

Image courtesy: Gouri Kapur