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style tips from jackky bhagnani

Not too long ago, actor Jackky Bhagnani used to weigh 130 kilos. He’s down to a svelte 70 now, but still remembers the fat days and the fat clothes that came with it. Many fashion offenses later, he’s now a dedicated style junkie who loves labels. I chatted with Jackky last week, right after he escaped a serious head injury in Mysore and he told me all about his personal style and his look in his forthcoming film, Ajab Gazabb Love. Must say, he’s a cartload of fun to talk to. Easy going and fuss free, just the way we like them!

The look in Ajab Gazabb Love: I have three looks in the film – a young, urban, preppy look which I wear in the song Boom Boom.  There’s a formal look complete with blazers and jackets and a gareeb look with check shirts, vests, jeans and chappals. I love the stuff I’m wearing in Boom Boom .That’s me in real life. The look that’s got the maximum response is my green jacket and purple trousers look. I have worn the jacket on bare body in the song. Initially I did tell my costume designer and friend Niharika Khan that I can’t pull it off because it’s too loud, but was convinced when she said colour blocking is in. The other look I like in the film is the one where I wear ripped jeans, purple shoes, a white shirt and black waist coat. I got a lot of tweets and messages on Facebook about the shoes. It’s amazing how people notice such minute details. We shot the songs in Italy and got the latest fashion from there. So you will see a lot of Emporio Armani, Diesel, Cavallis, inner tee shirts from Zara and H&M and a few local brands, all of which I wear off screen too.

Fat days: I have been a fat boy and lost weight and suddenly people feel I look good. I feel ninety per cent of your appearance depends on your confidence. Style comes from confidence. No one should be able to put you down.

A fashion faux pas that still haunts me: Baggy Tommy Hilfiger jeans with floral shirts. But you can’t blame me. Those days nothing used to fit me.

Fashion off screen: Ripped jeans, classic white shirt, sneakers and shades and I’m done! I feel simple is best. You should wear the clothes and not the other way around. My favourite brands are Diesel, Zara, H&M, Etro and Cavalli. I can’t wear too much bling even though I’m Sindhi. I feel if you can spot any bling from more than 10 feet distance, it’s too much. I also can’t do a print on print. I go easy on my accessories. I wear a watch and that’s about it.

Wardrobe essentials: Two to three classic pairs of jeans, V neck tee shirts in white, black and navy blue, Birkenstock sandals, patent leather Louis Vuitton shoes and a brown belt.

Timeless pieces: The ripped jeans with a brown leather belt will never go out of style. They have been around since Indiana Jones.

Briefs or boxers?  Boxers. You can do a briefs vs boxers poll and the women will be on my side.

My date wardrobe: On a dinner date, it will be jeans, a nice graphic printed tee and a simple jacket with nice shoes. If it’s an outdoor date, I would wear a plain tee and a white shirt.

Style Icons: Salman Khan because he is the most confident man I know. There’s also Leonardo Di Caprio and Brad Pitt; they have great attitude.

Designers I dig: Manish Malhotra, Varun Bahl, Shantanu and Nikhil, Rohit Bal.

Style advice: Wear clothes which you are comfortable in and what suits your body type.

Ajab Gazzab Love releases on October 24. Watching it?


style guide from jackky bhagnani