Lend me your comb

I always felt that people are divided into two groups when it comes to hair; those who try anything from weird cuts to funky colours and those who play it safe. Lucky for us, the Lakme Fashion Week (LFW) Autumn Winter show this year had something for everyone in the hairstyle department. Payal Singhal sent her models down the ramp with side braids and side buns. Kaabia & Sasha opted for futuristic giant poufs on their girls while Deepak Goswami styled his looks with Mickey Mouse hair.

hair stylesSome of you might want to try out the styles but are unsure of how to go about it. So I thought of playing the fairy godmother and chatted with Latika Jathar, celebrity hairstylist of pretty much every A-list actress for some tips. She’s been in the industry for close to three decades and her client list includes Bollywood heavyweights like Shilpa Shetty, Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone and many more, as well as high profile socialites. She gave me step by step instructions on how to achieve each look.

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Messy side braid
Part I
– Texturise the hair with your hands or use tongs
– Comb out your hair using your fingertips
– Give texture to the crown area by doing back-combing
– Secure the hair from the crown area to the side using a pin or a black hair band
Part II
– Make a braid on the side below the pinned hair
Tip: Use less hair products and opt for a natural look. If you have a layered cut, then the ends would stick out from the braid giving it a naturally messy look. For those who do not have thick hair, opt for a khajoori choti.

Side Bun
Do Part I as mentioned above.
Part II
– Make a side pony
– Take only half the hair out while pulling it out of the band, so that it looks like a pouch
– The end hair can be wrapped around the hair band
Tip: Raise the hair on the crown if you have a round face. You can also opt or neat braids and neat buns depending on the occasion and your personality.

Exaggerated pouf
– Blow dry and separate the hair on the crown from the bottom half
– Tie the hair on the bottom half into a tight pony tail
– Slick the side hair and pin it so that the sides look flat
– Back-comb the hair on the crown for volume and pin it above the pony

Mickey Mouse hair
– Put rollers in your hair for volume
– Create a center parting
– Make two high ponytails on the sides
– Fold from above and pin the ends under the pony

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Images Courtesy: Centrefashions.com