Let’s get the party started!

It’s the weekend and you’ve been invited to a smashing party, but you declined just because you weren’t sure of how to dress. Time to go shopping and say yes to the invite right away! Check out the looks I’ve put together for you, one that’s pocket-friendly (for random club-hopping) and one that’s a little more luxe (like for your partner’s birthday).

Party look for men

A casual shirt with denims, layered with a blazer or a sporty jacket, paired with boat shoes or loafers, and a heavy duty watch are the perfect ingredients to make heads turn wherever you go.

Party look for women

When in doubt wear a short dress with high heels! Keep it simple and don’t over accessorize. A pair of earrings, sleek clutch and dainty watch will see you through the hippest of parties. Diamond earrings are not essential, so if you don’t want to splurge, silver earrings (could cost as little as 800) will work equally well to make you look like a million bucks.

Noticed the difference in prices of the men’s and women’s looks? Happens all the time eh? ;-)