Here’s to golden times!


Classic analogue watches, rectangular frames, black straps, dainty straps, chrome finishes, digital dials – I guess it got a little too much to handle. The backlash was bound to happen and it has with cool kids everywhere going for solid, chunky, gold watches instead. Now that’s what I call a key accessory. The white and gold watch, that’s trending worldwide, is especially stylish. In fact, this one is so bold that you don’t need any other piece of bling on you. Everyone from Rihanna to Priyanka Chopra is rocking it. And men are not far behind. Shah Rukh Khan was spotted wearing one too. Need we say more?

Spotted on: Priyanka Chopra, Rihanna, Victoria Beckham
Style tip: Wear it with dresses or casuals in neutral tones. Alternatively, stack it up with bangles and cuffs. Keep makeup to a minimum and opt for minimalist jewellery or no jewellery. Let just the watch shine!

Spotted on: Brad Pitt, Shah Rukh Khan and of course Bappi Lahiri. But we strongly encourage you to not do the Bappi Lahiri style and look at the rest for inspiration.
Style tip: Wear it with casuals or formals in neutral tones.