Wendell’s Go-aah!


9 pm: Confession time. I am a tad biased towards Wendell Rodricks. I love everything he makes. I love that man, his design aesthetics, his modesty. And it’s not just me. Everyone seems to be smitten by his designs and the  ‘dream like’ feel his clothes wear.  There was a lot on the platter on Day 1 of WLIFW, but it clearly belonged to one man, the man from Colvale. The shores of Goa inspired this collection that takes you through an imaginary nautical journey in the 18th century from Goa to Shanghai. Breezy outfits in crepe silk, cotton and georgette ruled the runway and the sorbet colours won everyone’s hearts. After all, what’s not to like about ivory, blush pink, yolk yellow, baby blue and beige? The colours were lush, the silhouettes wonderfully feminine. Interestingly, the man who shuns embellishment in any form, resorted to a bit of shimmer in the form of blouses for his gorgeous sarees and on the tops or even on the sarongs for men. And this little bit of shimmer went a long way, besides, of course, complementing the white hair extensions all the models wore.

The collection ended up gifting me a horrible craving for a beach holiday. So here’s hoping that Wendell continues to weave magic with his clothes. He should take a bow, or two actually!

Trend alert: The egg colour combo (yellow and white) is here to stay. Also, the focus shifts to the back this time as we saw a lot of tops with scooped backs. If you’re unsure about exposing your back, try layering a scooped back top with a singlet inside. The Chinese cheongsam gowns were seem more than once on the ramp. They are edgy and good for formal occasions. Go look for them!