Seven stylish minutes with Kunal Kapoor

I met the incredibly yummy Kunal Kapoor last week at the Blenders Pride Fashion Tour Bangalore where he walked the ramp for designer Raghavendra Rathore. Yes, there were wolf whistles, and why not? Post the show, Kunal chatted with me about everything fashion related and I thought I will share with you the video clip that captures parts of the conversation.

And for those, who like the written word, here’s what Kunal had to say about his personal style. In a nutshell, of course.

Style statement: I don’t have one. Everything comes down to comfort.  When clothes fit well, you feel  good. You could wear the best clothes in the world and not be comfortable and the  you could look great in a pair of jeans and a tee shirt. The man makes the clothes. The clothes that you wear changes the way you feel

Wardrobe favourites:  My boxers, a pair of sock, my ganjee, my shorts to the gym, a white shirt and of course jeans.

Favourite designers: I love Raghavendra Rathore’s clothes. I think they are really cool, comfortable and the fit is fantastic.

Kunal, the shopper: I shop abroad. I really don’t get a chance to shop here. I randomly go through a mall and pick up different things at different places. It keep changing. Sometimes you get something really cool from one place and you pick up lots of them and then you might go back there and not find anything you like.

Fashion mistake: When we were young, we used to wear a pair of shoes called pumps with really tiny shorts, The pumps used to be four times our size. They were enormously large shoes. I don’t if it was a fashion mistake, but I don’t want to see those pictures for sure.

Bollywood stars with impeccable style: Mr Bachchan. He’s not yet turned 70 and when you watch his films, he carries off everything so well. He looks great in a sherwani, a kurta pajama, a suit and even a red jacket. Deepika Padukone , Sonam Kapoor, Lara Dutta, Bipasha Basu and Priyanka Chopra are all very stylish.

What I will wear to a date: Anything that comes off easily. I’m joking. Obviously it depends on where we are going. If it’s a first date, you want to look good. I don’t think there’s anything in particular. But I think the shoes have to be right. Shoes are really important for me. Different shoes make you feel different way. When you wear sneakers, you feel you are ready for the gym and you’re going to run. You wear formal shoes and you start walking and feeling differently.

Favourite fragrance: Right now I’m wearing something called 212. Fragrances depend on the mood you’re in and changes with time. I know it sounds strange but I wear different fragrances for different holidays. Every time you smell something, it takes you back to that place.

The grunge guy: I bring a bit of grunge to the characters I play. When I was doing Rang De Basanti, I wore bomber jackets. My style is slightly grungy anyway. Fortunately for me the directors have always liked it.

Fashion advice: Just don’t follow trends because you could end up looking really foolish. Don’t look at the models on the ramp and say, “Oh wow! They look fantastic in this. Find out what’s good for your body type and that’s the most important thing.

Hmmm….. spoken like a true fashionista. Shun the crowd; make your own fashion rules. Who knows, you might start a trend some day!