From a morbid tale to colours of spring


The 5 pm slot on Day 4 is something I wouldn’t have missed for the world. It had two of my favourites – Kallol Dutta, the new enfant terrible of Indian fashion and the hugely talented Rimzim Dadu. There was also Anand Bhushan, a designer who did a collection around Superman.

5 PM:  Kallol continued the narration of his previous season’s collection XOXO which was about a woman who used to perform autopsies who went missing. This time, the woman has travelled to Japan and therefore the collection was named Ero Guro, which in Japanese means ‘grotesque.’ So there were skeleton prints on his trademark ankle length dresses with skewed pockets and asymmetrical drapes with balloon shapes. The black and white collection in cotton and silk mostly featured anti-fit dresses and trousers with side cowls. The stark white slouchy dresses complemented the uber goth black overalls well and the eyebrows were hidden with metallic eye shadow. The models mostly wore his trademark brogues lending an androgynous feel to the look.

Trend alert: Side cowls on trousers and dresses should be big in the coming season, what with every other designer incorporating the silhouette in their collections. Pick trousers with side cowls; they should see you through casual occasions. Think a movie date with a friend, a long drive. And fans of the androgynous look should buy brogues. They are smart, sassy and lend you loads of attitdes. You could pair them with flowy ankle length or knee length dresses. The look is great for outdoorsy events.

5 20 pm. Kallol’s best friend Anand Bhushan presented a collection that was replete with his signature style of surface texturing. Anand used a lot of diamond motifs through his evening line and sleek silver belts to cinch the waist. There were high waist trousers with exaggerated pockets and gowns in dreamy pinks. Not an extraordinary collection, but edgy all the same.

Trend alert: Argyle or the diamond pattern seems to be a hit this season. It’s a fun pattern to have on your garments. Also, take a note out of Anand’s book and use a slim belt to define your waist if you’re wearing a long dress. It already works. The other thing that emerged out of the show is big, bold hued platforms.

5 30 pm: Rimzim Dadu showed a playful collection with intense surface texturing, which is her signature style. There were straight, clean lines and everything from the skirts to the dresses had a 3D effect. The one that particularly stood out was a bird cage skirt in white sequins teamed with a black tunic. Very edgy, very cool. We also saw a lot of marble paint sequin skirts and dresses in pretty colours like lime green and azure. A lime green pencil skirt with extensive sequin work and a blue plastic cropped top paired with a pair of black peplum trousers were the high points of the collection

Trend alert: Heavily sequinned separates. They instantly give the garments a 3D look, which is all the rage. Wear them to a party and you don’t have to wait too long at the bar for a drink. Also, if you really want to edgy the way it should be done, try a cage skirt. You can even make yourself one. It’s great for the sultry months and will just elevate your style quotient several notches.