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It’s raining collars this season, which, frankly is great news because we are just about to hit winter. The hottest collar trends this season are the Peter Pan collar, which lends a fantastic vintage aura to your wardrobe and the embellished collar, that’s festive and undoubtedly sexy. There’s also the comparatively humble pointed collar, which looks sleek and effortlessly chic and looks great on sleeveless shirts.

Growing up, Peter Pan was my favourite fictional character. The story of a boy who refused to grow up fascinated me immensely. Back then, it was more him and less the collar style named after him that I was sold on. But things are a tad different now. While I am still a fan of the fictional character, I love the Peter Pan collar as much. The collar, as many of you know, is named after the collar of the costume worn in 1905 by actress Maude Adams when she played Peter Pan. And while, it was traditionally a staple in little girl’s wardrobes, it later found its way into young, fashionable women’s closets as well. It has got its share of celebrity patronage as well with everyone from Emma Watson (see pic below), Kourtney Kardashian, Pippa Middleton, Natalie Portman, Kate Bosworth, Victoria Beckham to Rachel Bilson and closer home Jacqueline Fernandez (see pic below) wearing it.

It’s an irony that the collar is named after a boy because there’s nothing more feminine in the collar family than the Peter Pan collar. So if you have ditched the stiff collared shirts all your life simply because they lack femininity, the Peter Pan collar is your best friend. The ones in contrasting colours work the best. But it’s a tricky collar, according to designer Raj Shroff.

So I asked him for a few expert tips on how to wear it right. This is what he had to say:

It gives you a feminine, yet a kiddish look. Wear it only if you have the confidence to carry it off.

It’s not suggested for women with round faces as it will make the face look rounder. It complements sharp faces beautifully.

Team it with a pair of palazzos (wide legged pants) or even skinny jeans.

Lacy top with Peter Pan collar works well.

The embellished collar, again a hit with fashionistas across the globe, is a great way to add spunk to your look and be party ready. It’s worn best to a party, paired with a fitted high waisted pencil skirt and pumps, or even with a pair of snug trousers. Just don’t wear it if you have a stout neck as you would end up attracting attention to the wrong body part. Sheer tops in soft pastels with embellished collars look gorgeous. Choose from a range of embellishments, right from metal studs, sequins to pearl drops and diamantes. You could also go for the detachable embellished collars. Raj has the last word on this. He says, “It’s for the edgy dresser.”

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Images courtesy: Times of India, Gawgusthings, thestylecatcher, NewYorkgirlstyle, Svpply