Looks of the year

So I  take it that you guys are watching Student of the Year this evening. I am. KJo’s back to direction after My Name is Khan, the new kids on the block look fresh and energetic, and importantly, the flick looks very well styled. But that’s a given for any Karan Johar film, I guess!

The very talented Shiraz Siddiqui (yes, the same guy who styled films like Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu, Kya Super Cool Hain Hum and Shah Rukh Khan’s look in the forthcoming Jab Tak Hai Jaan) has styled some of the characters in the film. I got chatting with Shiraj to get the dope on what’s gone into styling the Dean Yoginder Vasisht, played by Rishi Kapoor, Ashok Nanda played by Ram Kapoor and the sports teacher of the school in the film.

Those of you who follow the gossip columns perhaps already know that Rishi is playing a gay man in the film. And the brief given to Shiraz by Johar about the look of the character was that his clothes needed to have an element of fashion. Shiraz, who made Rishi’s suits, says, “I picked up a lot of stuff from Bangkok. He wears these brooches, pocket squares and ties. It was a lot of fun to do his look because even though he has to look official and formal, the look is also very stylish.”

Cuff links, a watch, a Burberry umbrella, a Louis Vuitton brief case, interesting sunglasses with are in coloured frames are some of the elements that have lent a flamboyant air to his look. Additionally, he’ll also been seen wearing interesting prints and patterns on his shirts, pocket hankies, and striped shirts with polka dot ties. “Rishi can carry off pretty much anything. So we went a little over the top with him while keeping it stylish,” Shiraj told me. The trend that Shiraz feels will really catch on with the youth is combination of patterns and prints on suits that can make them look cooler and edgier.


Leading sports lifestyle brand Puma has tied up with the film and most of Ronit’s wadrobe was sourced from the brand. “Since he plays the sports coach, his look is athletic and smart. He’s wearing track pants and hooded tees with running shoes in colours like greys, black, blues and maroons,” revealed Shiraz.

Ram Kapoor, who plays Varun Dhawan’s father in the film, had to be dressed like a business tycoon in sharp, polished suits. Said Shiraz, “His look is more understated. He only stuck to certain generic colours like blues, blacks, greys and beiges.”

Boman Irani, who does a cameo in the film as the dean of another school, has been given basic  suits in darker shades of brown, blue, stark grey with plain shirts.

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IMAGES COURTESY: BollywoodWorld.com, BCCL (Times of India)