The turbanator


His new song Çhalla from Jab Tak Hai Jaan is already topping the charts. Rabbi Shergill performs today in Bangalore with India’s leading band Aurko as part of the Alive In Concert series. And I caught up with the singer for a quick chat about his trademark style before the concert. Here are excerpts from the interview. Enjoy!

Stylemynt: Although your first album Rabbi came out in 2005, you have been performing for a really long time. Have you developed a signature look over these years?
Rabbi: Not really except that I wear a turban and beard always.

Stylemynt: How did your style evolve once your music went mainstream with the videos?
Rabbi: I never really had any specific style. Perhaps this sartorial clumsiness came to be identified as my style. Most of the time I’m wearing T-shirts and linen pants.

Stylemynt: How do you accessorise? There are the dark glasses, but what else do you wear other than that?
Rabbi: “Accesorise”. There’s a word TOTALLY wasted on me. I wear shades when I expect harsh lighting onstage. The coolest accessory I wear onstage is the guitar.

Stylemynt: Do you have any lucky gear that you insist on wearing for every performance?
Rabbi: My guitars.

Stylemynt: Who are your fans and what age group do they fall in?
Rabbi: They’re mostly Indians of all ages.

Stylemynt:What do you want your music to convey to those who listen to it?
Rabbi: That it comes from a place of genuineness.

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