‘Vin’ing us over!

vin sinnersRock and roll has always stood for rebellion and it’s the theme music for those who refuse to join the herd. I spoke to Vin Sinner, founder and lead vocalist of the band Vin Sinners, who exemplifies everything that is great about this genre. Despite heading a top position(Head of Communications) of a global corporate, he made time to follow his passion, got a band together, released a well-received album (An element of Surprise) in 2011, attracted tonnes of fans and now lives the life that many only dream of. Here’s excerpts from my tete-a-tete with him about his band and his style quotient. Vin totally won me over!

Who are your fashion idols in rock music?
All rock stars have their own signature style. Kurt Cobain had the whole grunge thing going for him. Metallica is characterised by black on black. Alice Cooper is strongly gothic, while Axl Rose sports different coloured jackets. In the same way, our look is authentic and we don’t copy any of the bands out there.

What do you wear while performing? How do you accessorise?
I have two to three leather jackets which I wear quite regularly. I wear a band on my elbow regularly. As for accessories, I wear a lot of rings. I also wear powered glasses that are slightly tinted. More than anything, I believe in being comfortable yet stylish – something that’s not so easy to achieve.

Do you have any lucky performance gear that you insist on wearing every time?
I always wear a Jack Daniels and Harley Davidson bandanna I am particularly fond of and I’ve been wearing it for a long time now.

What do you wear when you are not performing?
I am most comfortable in jeans and T-shirts. I also wear a lot of white T-shirts when I’m not performing.

Do you prefer graphic T-shirts with any particular sort of imagery?
I like T-shirts that have a classic rock feel. At the same time I don’t want to be too cliched.

How did the name Vin Sinners come about?
I went under that name when I played in the college band in the 1990’s. Later, when I left the corporate world to start my band in 2008, Vin Sinners was the first name I thought of, and it fit.

Who are the band members?
Joe Demon is the base guitarist, Cmythonika is on the keyboards, Aldo Rock is the lead guitarist, JB is the rhythm guitarist, The Skinner is the drummer and finally there’s me Vin. I’m the vocalist, and write and compose the songs.

Who are your biggest influences in music?
The lyrics are inspired by a lot of my personal experiences, whereas the music is inspired by diverse musical styles. The other musicians in the band are immensely talented. They never took a break from music to pursue a corporate career the way I did, and therefore they bring a lot to the table.

What nationalities make up your fan base?
Vin sinners have fans from all over the world. Initially most of our fans were from the Middle East because we are based there. But now our popularity is spreading. Interestingly enough, we have a lot of fans from Scandinavian countries like Sweden, Norway and Denmark. We also have fans in Australia and certainly India. In the future, we intend to focus on the Asian subcontinent, Europe and the Middle East.

Does the Vin Sinners fan have a definite style?
Our fans dress for comfort. There’s a lot of denim, a bit of leather and bandannas. Overall there is stress on comfort.