Brand Talk – Ayesha

ayeshaYou may remember the remarkable performance of the child actress, Ayesha Kapur in the Bollywood movie “Black”, in which she played the younger Rani Mukerji. The powerhouse of talent morphed into a savvy businesswoman in 2009 by launching a national accessories brand in her name. Ayesha caters to sexy, young fashionistas and cool dudes. If you are a sexy, young fashionista or a cool dude who likes to work hard and party harder, then Ayesha has the right accessories for you. Here the brand gives tips on how to accessorise for different occasions, so that you look hot, every single time.


Women between ages of 18-25
How to accessorise an office look in a way that is fun yet appropriate
Accessorise your work wear look with bobby pins, small necklaces and studded earrings. Choose quirky pieces that are young and fun, but keep it discreet.

Accessories best suited for going clubbing or for an evening out
Try accessories in neon colours that are trending all over the world right now. Alternatively, you can go with bold pieces in metallic shades.

For women between the ages of 25-35
How to accessorise an office look in a way that is elegant and fun
Channel the futuristic sci-fi look with gold and silver necklaces, bracelets and crystal studded hairpins.

Accessories best suited for going to a party or for an evening out
Statement necklaces in a multi layered design in metallic shades are both trendy and suitable for evening.

How much is too much?
Don’t go overboard with colours and accessories. The same applies to accessories in metallic shades – go with either silver or gold coloured accessories, and don’t mix it up.

Key accessory trends this season for women
Neon colours, Floral, Very Berry and Sci-Fi


How to accessorise a casual day look for men
Try pairing metal studded leather accessories with a black or white shirt or a grey T-shirt. Try not to go overboard with accessories – choose to go with either a leather strand around the neck, or a bracelet or a ring.

Accessories suitable for going clubbing
You can wear the same stuff you wear during the day in the evenings as well. Unlike women, there is no stress to accessorise differently for the evenings.