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The Bhai Dooj Style Files

festivals are as much a celebration as they are a symbol of hope for the future. Bhai Dooj, observed on the last day of Diwali, might be one among the many traditions of our wonderful country, but it gives brothers and sisters everywhere a chance to show how much they mean to each other. If on the occasion of this joyous festival, you find yourself running low on novel ideas for gifts for your sibling, Style Mynt has just the answer.

This Bhai Dooj, think out of the box! No more make up kits and jewellery or winter wear (given the time of the year) for your sister, and super expensive car and personal accessories like wallets and belts for your brother. We suggest you OD on the comic craze that’s gripped fashion this season and create personalised, unique gift packages with a comic or super hero element to them. The impact it has on your sibling will make you feel like a superstar, no less!

Brothers are worth it

Comic Crazy

During our growing-up days, we all had a favourite comic book character (boys more than girls). What would be better than to gift your brother a Wolverine tee with a graphic print of the superhero cum mutant on it, coloured jeans, complementary casual shoes, and a sling bag to boot? Don’t be surprised if he gives a child-like yelp of joy after receiving this package.

Sisters make the world go round

‘Chic’ it out

Having a sister who has a distinct taste in fashion (read: the hard-to-please fashionista) might make most brothers break into a sweat, but you have nothing to worry about when you have us, do you? A gift hamper consisting of a pretty tee with cutesy print on it (you’ll find many a lovely option in our Kook N Keech segment), a skirt, boots, and a sling bag will be very well received and much appreciated by her.

A little sibling rivalry is unavoidable as well as healthy – make use of these little tips and be the better gifter this Bhai Dooj!

The Fashion Bomb Explodes!

the festival of lights is indeed a blessed time of the year as you get to meet as well as celebrate with the people who matter the most to you.  If invitations to countless Diwali card parties have got you scrambling for ideas about what to wear to such soirees, we have a few suggestions to help you add some sizzle to your look. Read on to know how you can make heads turn and receive compliments aplenty this festive season.

The Saree Stunner

The Saree Stunner

The saree is a festival staple and chances are that every other woman at that all-important Diwali bash might be sporting one. To stand out, add a modern twist to your attire by draping it in a contemporary manner (experiment with new styles – a turn here and a knot there will do the trick). Throw in a trendy shimmer top (instead of the boring saree blouse), a complementary clutch, open-toed heels and bangles (you can even give the earrings a miss), and you’re ready to be the cynosure of all eyes at the card party.

Fusion @Festive


Wish to show off your bold-fashionista side? This look is for you. A composite of a long billowy skirt, a sleeveless kurti (with say traditional stone embroidery), shiny sandals, bangles, and a maang tikka, it is all you need to ooze charm.

Go dandy!

Go dandy!

If you’re the sort of man who loves pushing the sartorial envelope, you can simply combine a formal shirt (go on – throw caution to the winds and choose one in a colour you’ve never sported before), trousers in a complementary hue, boat shoes, and a Nehru jacket. We show you exactly how great this combination can be in the picture collage given above.

Wrapped in Style

Wrapped in Style

Diwali is observed during the cold month of November (Krishna Paksh or the dark fortnight) – while you might want to bring out your woollens to stay warm, we demonstrate just how you can achieve a most uniquely au-courant look with them. All you have to do is to team a scarf (wear it the way you will), a kurta, jeans and matching sandals, and you’re ready to face the world.

No matter what look  out of these you choose to wear, we are sure that you will fondly reminisce about this year’s festive celebration later. Here’s wishing you have a truly dazzling Diwali!

Kalki Koechlin – A Red Carpet Affair to Remember

What is the first thing you think of when you see Kalki Koechlin on the red carpet? Her charming countenance? Her electrifying smile? Her perfect ten figure? For me, it is a combination of all these and her endearing persona for, let’s face it, you just cannot miss Kalki whenever she makes an appearance at the most happening soirees in the cinema and fashion circles. In this piece, I pick out five of her most recent red carpet looks, deconstruct her sense of knockout red carpet style, and recreate an all-time favourite look with our very own Myntra products. This one is indeed a blazing entry in our red carpet diaries…

Kalki on the Red Carpet

Kalki Koechlin has been there and done it all- from the Cannes Film Festival and the IIFA Awards to the Filmfare Awards and the Colors Screen Awards, she has had the paparazzi scramble to get a picture of her, every single time. Be it the sheer grey tulle half saree with the scarlet head ornament (an international show of impressive and influential Indian dress sensibilities), or the pleated satin dress with the chunky black jewellery and the patterned grey purse, she can give most Hollywood A-listers a run for their money. A firm believer in fashion experimentation, Kalki has even donned a chromatic and layered sleeveless ankle-length dress with a jeweled waistband (not to mention the trendy side braid) and black pencil heels. She has also played it classy, a case in point being the flowing black gown with a magnificent lace neckline that she sported at a recent movie awards ceremony. This takes us to the look I favour most, the vibrant pink square-neck sleeveless gown with a simplistic black clutch, black watch, black heels and last but not the least, her shiny mane let loose. Kalki sure knows how to keep it sharp and realistic yet uber stylish and sophisticated. And to make it even more interesting, here is a rendering of the stunning diva-in-pink look with merchandise that is available right here at Myntra.

Kalki's Red Carpet Look Revisited with Myntra Products

For a young Bollywood star on the rise, Kalki Koechlin sure knows her fashion! She makes you want to fish out a clipboard and start jotting down some pointers about style (read: keeping abreast of the current trends whilst maintaining an incisive personal flavour), doesn’t she? After all, the ability of making the rest of one’s surrounding melt away, and having your audience’s eyes riveted only on you comes with a lot of effort being put into how you style your look. Here’s to Kalki and her power to make thousands of women (including me) be comfortable in their own skin, to dress to impress; here’s to the country’s next big fashionista! Kalki, if you are reading this, I would only like to say… encore!

- Deepthi

The IPL Fashion Files

Most of us follow the Indian Premier League for the exciting cricketing action. The rest of us (the ones who cannot tell the difference between long-on and mid-off) look for the latest on which celebrity is seen with (or not seen with) whom, and in what! You’ll then be only (pleasantly) surprised to find that there are many style lessons just waiting to be learnt by the way all our IPL celebs dress. Read on to know more about the fashion staple of these IPL frequenters…

Shilpa Shetty- Don’t you miss her too?

Shilpa Shetty at IPL

Shilpa Shetty Kundra has the figure that most women would kill for. Hers is the persona that could make any outfit look great! She usually sports crisp formal dresses and big boxy handbags in neutral colors at IPL auctions. Press events have her flaunting a team jersey (with or without a team blazer), along with skinnies and a bag. IPL parties call for punchier colors (candy pink, satin teal, etc) and more figure-hugging numbers. In fact, she is one of those few who can look like a million bucks even with a baby bump. Shilpa Shetty juggles all her responsibilities with great panache, be it that of a new mom (hope she makes a comeback soon) or a go-getter business woman. Full points to her for being who she is. I applaud her for the way she tries to incorporate her team’s colors and theme into her every outfit, whilst highlighting her feminine side.

Preity Zinta- She’s more than just killer dimples


Seasons come and go, and they’ve seen Preity transform into a style stalwart over the years. I love the way she adds her own touch of liveliness to each and every ensemble she dons. I also adore her supremely sporty sense of dressing; her for-the-field team jerseys, jackets, tops, over-sized shades and color-coordinated shoes. All of them are very chic and shout out ‘simple yet unmissable fashion’. IPL parties and events are an opportunity for Preity to show off her red carpet dressing sense, with her carrying flowing gowns and short dresses with equal flair. All hunky dory, except for the fact that it’s time for Preity to change her hairdo (enough of the poker straight tresses, please). Even the red and grey salwar kameez she once wore to a match failed to impress (it’s different, yes, but there’s a time and place for everything). Enough said, I vouch for this petite Bollywood beauty’s fashion know-how, and laud her efforts to look the way she does.

Deepika Padukone- Full of surprises


Deepika knows how to work things to her advantage. Be it her sleeveless tops and flared trousers or her denim shorts and ballerina flats in complementary shades, Deepika is the best when it comes to holding the onlookers’ attention. Add to this the fact that she is the queen of accessorising; her various braided belts, chunky metal jewellery, and huge handbags are big value-adds. I am equally in love with her black nail polish and her hairstyles (hair let loose, outward curls, high ponytail, half-up-half-down, tousled look, et al). This former supermodel knows her fashion, and is a trendsetter in her own right. In fact, I would be shocked if Deepika didn’t get it right! Just some food for thought though; it would be great to see more of her on the party circuit, in gowns and ensembles that have daintier prints and softer shades.

Sharukh Khan- The head-turner


King Khan is noticed no matter where he goes, and rightly so, given the fact that he has one of the most charming and magnetic personalities. For SRK, it’s not so much about the clothes as it is about the man. I, on the other hand feel that it would help if he was a little more flamboyant and adventurous with his dressing. Shahrukh usually likes to wear tees and blazers in his team’s colors, along with a pair of jeans. He sticks to the tried and tested (a white shirt with black trousers, for instance) and hardly does anything drastic (the farthest he has gone is to sport a classy short ponytail). Looks like SRK needs to stop accosting poor stadium guards and change his stylist instead. He could, in fact, take a few dressing lessons from his daughter, Suhana. The teeny bopper sure knows how to dress, with matching (purple) eyeliner, painted nails, a cute team jersey, shorts, and a sling bag.

The IPL 5 Opening Ceremony

IPL 5 Opening Ceremony

The 2012 IPL opening ceremony deserves special mention here, not just because of the star power it put on display but also because of the various gorgeous outfits worn by the A-listers. The ceremony had Priyanka in a striped black and white number, Salman in a sweet medley of black and pink (trousers), Big B in a dapper black and white suit, and Kareena in floral pink culottes. It was not mere coincidence that each of these attires boasted of items having the biggest style trends of the year (stripes, pops of bright colors, culottes, etc). Definitely the way to lead right from the start, for a blitzkrieg of a tournament.

Well, there it is; you don’t have to paint your face or be a cheerleader to be on television! Just take a leaf out of your favorite IPL celeb’s book and stay fashionable always.

- Deepthi (I also blog at the Urban Style Guide)