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Black and white is always right


Gogee-Vasant7:20 pm. Gogee Vasant

Gogee Vasant showcased her resort collection Swan. She did total justice to resort wear category except for a few outfits which looked like a force fit. The collection featured palazzo (wide legged) pants, maxi dresses and jumpsuits in georgettes and crepes. There was a medley of floral, digital and tie dyed prints. However, everything was anchored in a solid base of black and white. The looks were accessorised with stone studded flip flops, T-straps and handbags in solid colours.
The menswear was fun and stylish. Once again, colourful tie dyed kurtas were paired with black and white linen peg pants (folded up trousers) and fisherman trousers. The ensembles were accessorised with kolhapuri chappals. Actor Purab Kohli, who posed with a guitar, wore a tie dyed hoodie in vibrant yellow and green with a mock shirt inside.

Trend alert: Maxi dresses and jumpsuits don’t seem to be going out of style anytime soon. Wear it to parties and stand out from the mini-skirt clad crowd. Team black and white outfits with bags or shoes in bright shades for a dose of colour. Gentlemen, never underestimate the power of the humble kolhapuri. They are comfortable and kitschy. Wear them with the uber cool fisherman pants for a day on the beach.

Keep the cape

There was a time when the word capes conjured up images of old ladies, Sherlock Holmes and Hobbits. Well, nowadays Hollywood celebrities are going after it with a vengeance. Everyone from Victoria Beckham to Kim Kardashian is wearing it. You can’t blame them. A cape is as comfortable as a draped shawl and unlike shawls, it does not have an annoying tendency to slide off. Plus, it’s elegant, vintage and a little romantic.

The runways in the West have seen a lot of capes from almost all the frontliners in the fashion industry. While Yves Saint Laurent and Vera Wang did shirt-inspired capes, Valentino, Ellie Saab and Gucci did Goth inspired capes and Donna Karan took inspiration from the shawl.

Try it with skinny jeans and boots while going out on a date next time. Alternately, wear it over a short dress and stockings combo. Add a pair of heels and a bag and you are good to go. Always remember to keep the look classic and clean when it comes to this ‘ít’ winter essential.

capes image

Images Courtesy: Marieclaire, Newyorkgirlstyle

Burgundy burst

Every season you’ll see fashion peeps going bonkers over a certain colour. This year we saw a lot of tangerine in the summer. And now that winter is upon us, burgundy is reigning supreme. Pretty much all the international celebrities from Kate Middleton to Michelle Obama are wearing it. Closer home, the fashion forward Priyanka Chopra is ODing on the colour. She wore a burgundy jacket recently and followed it up with a pair of burgundy cigarette pants on another occasion. The great thing about the hue is that it looks great on men too. Hollywood celebs like Ashton Kutcher, Orlando Bloom have been spotted in burgundy sweaters, shirts, ties and jeans.
burgundy blastBurgundy looks great on Indian skin. It would be a shame if you let this trend pass without experimenting with it. Check out my tips on how to wear this shade:
Do try: Lipstick, nail polish, ballerinas, stockings, sweaters, tops, kurtas, saris, scarves, dresses, trousers, blazers, handbags in this colour.
Look: Team a black top with burgundy jeans. Add a cropped black leather jacket for warmth. Accessorise with black heels, metallic bracelets and handbag.

Do try: Ties, shirts, T-shirts, sweaters, jeans, socks, laptop bags, sports shoes in this colour.
Look: Team a long sleeved burgundy V-neck T-shirt with dark blue jeans. Accessorise with casual boots, a sling bag and chunky watch.

Images Courtesy: Thefrisky, Oohlalablog, Dailymail, Bornrich, Glamcheck

Birthday bumps for Miley Face

Miley Cyrus turns twenty today. I had to double check that figure because it feels like she’s been around forever. From tween star to reigning pop diva, she seems to have done it all. And now she’s engaged. Sniff, our little Miley is growing up. Let’s take a look at her style evolution over the years – she’s as bold as her voice and it’s been one hell of a ride.

miley cyrus

Hannah Montana (2006)
Miley Cyrus played Miley Stuart, a normal teenager leading a double life (okay, not normal) as a famous pop star in this Disney series. She looks like a regular teenager throughout the series – jeans, graphic T-shirts, ruffles, beads, bracelets, pink. Her alter ego Hannah Montana on the other hand wears a blonde wig (her disguise), extravagant clothes, makeup and large sunglasses.

Breakout (2008)
Miley showed off her personal style in her first solo album. She wore red skinny jeans, boots, a graphic T-shirt and a vest in the video. Her live performances saw her in more glamorous outfits like sequinned tops and leather jackets. Her love affair with skinny jeans pretty much started here.

Party in the U.S.A. (2009)
The young star displayed a more grown up look in this video which went on to become a massive hit. She wore black shorts, a black tank top and a vest. She accessorised her looks with boots, bracelets, rings, wild hair and smudged eyes. Miley was growing up.

Can’t Be Tamed (2010)
Miley sent out a strong message with her new video. Her costume resembled that of an exotic bird – all feathers, sequins, wild hair and dark eyes. The boots stayed put but she opted for a black leotard instead of shorts. Her stylist accessorised the look with leather bands thereby making it edgy.

Just when I thought that Miley was all about long hair, wild child antics and massive sex appeal, she went ahead and did something like getting a short shaved hairdo. And then she bleached it. What can I say? This girl is full of surprises. Happy birthday Miley! May you surprise the hell out of us in the years to come.

Images Courtesy: Moviewallpaper, Bluebeat, Profesorbaker, Musicya, Becauseiamfabulous

A colour splashed winter

Who says winter is all about greys, blacks, blues and browns? I admit that we have teal blues, emerald greens, maroons and purples in the mix, but what I miss about summer is the pure joy of indulging in bright colours.  If you’re like me, then you’ll be happy to know that there are a few bright shades that are very in right now which can be used to perk up your winter wardrobe. So go ahead and create a colourful winter.

sunny yellowWarm, bright and happy yellows can transform a boring black or grey ensemble. Men can team yellow T-shirts or shirts with jeans, jackets and boots for casual outings. Women can opt for a yellow dress, saree or salwar kurta for parties and festive occassions. If you like this colour in small doses, then add it to your look in the form of accessorises like watches, belts, wallets or jewellery.

pink colourThose who love bright pink can wear tops, sweaters, shirts and T-shirts in the shade with jeans and jackets. Alternately, use this colour to accessorise – pink bags, scarves, shoes, jewellery etc. Men can try a deep pink instead of a bright pink if you are not too fond of the bright shade. Team a deep pink shirt with a dark grey suit. Accessorise with black formal shoes, black belt and a chunky watch for a unique work wear look.

deep turquoiseWinter staples in dark turquoise look great! Men can wear a turquoise blue T-shirt or polo T-shirt with washed jeans or white linen trousers. Team this with a grey jacket and casual boots and you are set for casual outings. Women can opt for a turquoise blue kurti over dark blue jeans and heels. Wrap an off-white shawl around you when the mercury dips.

poppy redTeam a bright red top with jeans. Throw on a jacket and you have a winner combination that suits both men and women. Women can wear a short red dress over black stockings and cover up with a dark grey blazer for a stylish evening look. Men can introduce this colour in small doses to their workwear looks by using ties, watches, socks, scarves etc in this shade.

Here’s to a bright winter!

Images Courtesy: Fabsugar, Highheelconfidential, Nytimes, Celebrity-gossip