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"Fashion fades; style is eternal," said Yves Saint Laurent, and as Fashion Editor at Myntra.com, I believe in that utterly and completely. I'm here to show you that superb style is not dependent on money; just on discretion and your willingness to mix and match. And I'm handy around the kitchen also.

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Olympic Spirit

Olympic Spirit

The London Olympics are just about to start, and as with every major world event, fashion follows suit. Designers across the globe have turned their eyes towards sporty inspirations, and some have even worked actively with the Olympic Games to come up with specific collectibles like Paul Smith’s Olympic Postal Stamps and Karl Lagerfeld’s Olympic Pop Up Store at Selfridges in New York.

But it’s not only the high-end designers who reserve the right to be sporty chic. We can all share in the Olympic spirit by adding sporty elements to our day-to-day dressing. If you’re young and ready for action, here are some picks from the Myntra fashion team (in the Olympic colours, of course) that will have you celebrating the Olympic spirit in every look you put together for yourself.

Sale-Time Splurges

Shopping can be a frustrating experience sometimes. You see something you like, but the price is too high. And a second look confirms that it’s anyway too ‘fashion-y’ for you…a little over-the-top; just enough to make you feel fabulous in the dressing room at the store, but you know you’d never wear it outside the house. Or maybe you would, but if only the price was right. Then, you’d buy it for sure, and wouldn’t feel so bad if it became something that only added to the beauty of your cupboard, and never yours.

If you’ve ever had this feeling, welcome to the human race (sub-category: Female). Everyone has felt this at some time or the other. And the best way around this problem is to wait till the sales start. Sales are the perfect time of the year when you can indulge in some fantasy-shopping, buying things that you won’t otherwise because of their fashion factor, and not feel bad about it afterwards at all. And sometimes, just sometimes, you’ll discover a new, more daring side of yourself that revels in its new avatar. For either reason, here are some key, ‘fashion-y’ basics that you can look at while splurging guilt-free during sale time.

Some things that you'd want to buy during the sales: otherwise too expensive and fashion-y for you

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