Floral fix on flower clips

USING FLOWERS TO decorate hair is an ancient fashion obsession. The style has, however, continued to trickle its way through time and reinvented itself in the form of flower clips.

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The appeal of this trend lies in the multiple dimensions that it can offer. It can be used to accentuate Western attire as well as ethnic clothes. Whether you embrace your girly self in flower clips teamed with dresses or pin them on a bun and paint a picture of elegance in a saree, flower clips help you look a class apart.

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Vidya was seen posing pretty in a pink flower clip at a film promotion event recently. Do note, her lip colour agreed with her hair accessory while the rest of her look reflected a rather contrasting monochromatic play of stripes.


What to wear to a summer wedding

INDIAN WEDDINGS are known to be over-the-top with resplendent looks, jewellery and unavoidable need for multiple outfits. Summer weddings are all but a rage and putting together looks centres around looking effortless yet glamorous.


Recent fashion weeks witnessed bridal collections for the warm months. Falguni and Shane Peacock showcased a canvas of chiffon, georgette and tulle embellished with embroidery. The colour palette had everything from pistachio to ivory, black, gold and coral. Tarun Tahiliani created magic with the use of light fabrics, shimmer and soft shades like champagne, cream and white, although there were occasional pops of red! Rohit Bal on the other hand worked with deeper shades like maroons and midnight blue.

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Get hitched in summer looking gorgeous and without sweating it out in light fabrics like net, georgette and chiffon.


Celeb style: Alia Bhatt



We recently spoke about our love for crop tops and before we could go any further, we spotted the gorgeous Alia Bhatt nailing the crop top trend in just the right way. We couldn’t help but share this look of hers that she wore to an event. Indeed the look is understated yet chic and perfect for sultry weather. Here’s how you can get almost a look like this! Do let us know your views in the comments section!

Bollywood Fridays – 2 States

LOVE KNOWS NO boundaries and least of all boundaries between two states. Thus, Krish Malhotra (Arjun Kapoor) and Ananya Swaminathan (Alia Bhatt) have to fight many deep-seeded social and cultural perceptions dragged on by generations to hope for a life together. The film, 2 States, adopted from Chetan Bhagat’s novel by the same name, will sure be worth a watch as we trace the journey of this couple through many ups and downs in their relationship.

While you can expect to come across many shades of emotions in the film, do watch out for as many colours in the styling done on the characters.

Alia Bhatt as Ananya

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Given the modern-day urban setting of the film, the leading lady is dressed in Indo-western clothing, opting majorly for ghagroos and kurtas teamed with silver jewellery. Ananya’s style reflects the character’s liberal thoughts but conservative roots. Krish is styled in denims and cargos teamed with jackets in solid colours. Specs add a nerdy touch.

Arjun Kapoor as Krish Malhotra

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The styling on both the characters reflects the fashion sense of a typical Indian college student. Sure the youth will associate with the colourful kurtas, silver jewellery, jackets, cargos, denims and backpacks.


Beauty bulletin: Summer 2014


creative1Great style lies not only in the right clothes but also in the right makeup. And as far as make up is concerned, it ain’t summer without bright lips, pastel nails and nude face. But there’s certainly more to summer make up than just these. Style Mynt spoke to Rod Anker of Monsoon (one of the most popular salon chains across the country) and got to know his favourite colours, beauty suggestions and a lot more.

What are the lip colours trending this season?

Nude, fuchsia coral and burnt rich colors like magenta, burgundy, razberry and deep purple.

How cool are dark lip colours for summer?

Dark can fit in the summer with a shade that is more red than purple. Dab a bit of gloss or a light colour in the middle of your lips after applying a dark lip colour. You can also try gradient lips.

What is the right way to apply foundation in summers without making it look cakey?

- Apply a face primer. It smoothens out the surface, filling in pores and makes your skin smoother for the foundation.
- Use an alcohol or silicone based foundation.
- The finishing can be ended with MAC’s Fix Plus spray.

What kind of eye make up should one go for this summer?

Soft nudes with glowing undertones look the best in summer for day time. Winged eye liners are a new summer favourites too. For night shimmer , bright coral, green, purple tones are a new smokey eye favourite all around.

Any make up essentials for this season?

Eye liner: Whether one wears a little or a lot, eyeliner is a great way to open your eyes and make then look brighter.
The perfect nude lipstick: Sometimes we just want a neutral colour for a no fuss, low maintenance look.Mascara and eye curler: Every girl knows what a difference a couple of swipes can make.

What nail colours are trending this season?

Mainly corals and neons.

Any make up tip?

Make sure to cleanse your face twice a day without fail. Even if you have been indoors all day long, a clean face is the secret to a healthy skin.