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A tip and two from Chitrangda Singh

One of the most important rules in the book of fashion is dressing for the occasion. Often, the best of us are confused about what to wear when we are just lounging around with friends or out partying. I chatted with the hugely sorted Chitrangda Singh (never a hair out of place, always wearing the right stuff), and got her to give you all tips on what to wear to an evening party and a coffee date. Listen up!




Shopaholic Chitrangda!

Being the true blue shopaholic that she is, the sultry Chitrangda Singh can shop from anywhere. Here she discusses her favourite brands and all the things that go into her big fat shopping bag.

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Genelia in the house!

Major excitement coming your way to banish those Monday blues. Alright…hold your breath, guys! Genelia Deshmukh is the new face of Myntra’s Star n Style.

Drum rolls. Whistle. Applause.

She’s cute as a button and effortlessly stylish. And hence our favourite.

Here’s a video of my interview with Mrs Deshmukh (hard to believe she’s married!).

You could also read excerpts from the interview below.

My favourite Spring colour: I’m quite a colour person.  I enjoy colour. Initially I used to have a problem with yellow, but now I’m okay with it.

Wardrobe must haves: A pair of jeans, a white shirt and shoes, shoes and more shoes. They are my poison. More heels than flats. I enjoy wearing flats on a daily basis, but if I am going out, it has to be heels.

Favourite going out attire: I experiment with a lot of attires. I like dresses, pants, enjoy Indian attires.

Favourite look from films: The Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na look became really popular. The tic tac clips I wore through the film became every college girl’s must have. When I was shooting for the film, I was like, “Do I have to wear these?”  But post that film, my hair stylist told me everyone was asking for that style.

Style persona: I think I have days when I am a total Aditi (from Jaane Tu) and days when I am Maya from Force with kohl eyes and having that slight Indo Western touch. I think I am a mix of a lot of things and just go with the flow. There are moments when I am laid back and moments when I want to be proper, with my hair blow dried etc. There are times when I like doing the whole grunge, edgy thing and be  experimental some times.

Fashion icons: It varies. I don’t think there’s one particular person. I enjoy having the stylists’s opinion on things that I haven’t tried and colours I haven’t experimented with. I like someone putting a look together.

Accessories I love: I used to be a full on bangles person. I used to like wearing a lot of bangles as a trademark. That was a phase and I have grown out of it. Now I like scarves, big bags. I like accessories.

Fashion mistakes: Mistakes happen. That’s why pencils have erasers. I honestly don’t regret anything.

Wild fashion phase: I have never really had a wild fashion phase. But I think what I have done is from having really long hair, I chopped it down to my ears. I enjoyed it. I got lots of compliments for my short hair.

Fashion advise: Just do what you enjoy the most. There’s nothing right or wrong. It’s just a personality that comes across.

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A day in the life of Chitrangda

Much as you would be surprised, stars don’t have very different schedules than the rest of us. They get up in the morning and head to the gym, then a few work related meeting, socialise in the evenings if time permits and so on. We got actress Chitrangda Singh to talk about what her her daily wardrobe picks are. She takes us through an average day on her life.

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Five stars!

Last time we had the gorgeous Chitrangda Singh on Style Mynt, she talked about her wardrobe must haves. This time the dusky damsel talks about the five favourites in her wardrobe. We all have those earmarked pieces in our wardrobe we keep going back to, no matter how old they are. Usually these are priceless pieces that have fond memories associated with them or are gifted by someone special. Guess what? Stars are apparently guilty of the same habit. Read on to know what Chitrangda’s five wardrobe besties are. The pics you see have been sent by the actress herself. Are we special or what?