Pack a Satchel!


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when it comes to handbags, most of us favour the glamorous totes and clutches but there are times when nothing can beat the high school coolness of satchels. Thanks to fashion gurus who have made the modest satchel make a come back. Designer houses like Gucci, D&G, Emilio Pucci, NEXT and Armani have given a fresh take on satchel in the form of colours, prints and structures. From high school to high street, everyone is working this geek-chic trend in their own way. Satchels give everything from casual to dressy outfits a shot of coolness.

Giving us style inspirations are our celebs. Everyone from Kareena Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Diane Kruger, Sridevi, Rhea Kapoor, Dakota Fanning, Vanessa Hudgens, Mandy Moore, Sona Mohapatra to Anushka Manchanda have been flaunting their satchels.

Those who think that satchels can be accompanied only with casual looks and not with anything dressy, got to think again. Here are a few tips on how to style this trend.

It all lies in the way you hold or carry your satchel. If you plan to wear a fitted dress during the night, carry your satchel with the top holder instead of the long strap. The look will give you a good break from the usual dress-clutch combo.

A fail safe way of carrying a satchel is hanging it diagonally like a cross-body bag.  This will go very well with most of your casual looks. Picture a T shirt paired with boyfriend denims and a satchel worn like a cross-body. A perfect day outfit is ready!

You can also opt for a mini satchel for dressier looks. The small size of the bag will add dollops of chic to your look. This works great with boxy silhouettes and even dresses!

Big or small, at least one satchel deserves to take space in your closet. Get one today!


New look Valentine!

makover_feb-editionit’s Valentine’s Day and while the world is divided on those that are cynical about mush and those that can’t have enough of it, we at Myntra had to make it special for a married couple from Bangalore who came to us looking for a new look. Sometimes all it takes is a new pair of shoes, the right clothes and a fab hairstyle to get spruced up and make your beloved go weak in the knees just like she did in the blossoming days of love. This is also our anniversary special edition; yes, the Style Mynt makeovers has turned one and we have come a long way indeed! But in a way, it also comes a full circle because the very first people who signed up for the Style Mynt makeovers was also a couple from Bangalore.

So have a great Valentine’s Day and may cupid’s magic work on you this Valentine’s! Oh yes, and watch the video and share it if you like!

Trendy Thursdays – Statement Belts

it started a little more than a year ago when Kim Kardashian wore a Tom Ford outfit – a body hugging below the knee black dress, with a large gold belt. Our own Kareena Kapoor followed suit sometime later wearing the same outfit, and now belts are making statements on everything from gowns to saris!


The trend has hit the mainstream, so take cues from the glitterati to create your own looks. Statement belts can be used to define your waist in a column gown, like Parineeti and Chitrangada’s metallic belted pieces, or they can be used to control the volume of a flared dress, like Kylie Minogue, Kangana Ranaut and Kate Mara’s short dresses. Our favourite is the belted sari look, which is a great way to glam up and modernize the six- yard- wonder.


Metallic, printed, perforated or just basic broad belts with interesting buckles, there are so many options to pick from! Use them to give a fresh update to your wardrobe staples like tailored shirts, blazers and shift dresses, or add a fun element to basic jeans and tops.

One of the key points to remember is to never mix a statement piece of jewellery, especially a necklace, and belt together; they will end up clashing badly. A cocktail ring or a cuff is allowed though. The best way to make a statement with a belt is by going easy on the accessories, and keeping the silhouette and colours minimal.

A statement belt does more than create a fashion moment; it cinches your waist and defines your silhouette. Seems like all eyes are on the waist now, so it’s time to hit the gym and belt out some fashion!

Expert Speak: Bangalore based designer Raj Shroff says, “Statement belts are great for day wear, like a brunch, but not for an evening out, since they tend to look a bit too retro. To make them look modern, wear them with skinny jeans and a plain shoulder padded shirt. Statement belts look good on petite girls with a slender waist, but you can still wear them if you are big busted with a small waist. Those with a large waistline should not wear statement belts.”


It’s the crew!


it is an off shoot of the boxy tops that are all the rage right now. And it can even be seen as fashion switching to more relaxed silhouettes. It all started with sports luxe, then came slouchy silhouettes and now it’s the dresses that have gone into comfort wear category. And why not? Who doesn’t want to take a break from risque plunging necklines and switch to crew neck dresses? The good thing is that crew necklines not only cover you up moderately, it also looks many times chicer than the plunging ones.
Celebrities are also switching to the humble crew neckline. Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez, Sonam Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, Deepika Padukone, Kangana Ranaut, Genelia D’souza and Jacqueline Fernandez have been sporting crew neck dresses even at red carpet events making it a must-have in every woman’s closet. Here we tell you how to style it.
Keep it simple! Let the crew neckline do the talking alone. Plus points if you keep your hair pulled back in a neat bun or ponytail. You can also go for a top knot if it’s a maxi dress. The more organised the look, the better it is.
The crew neckline looks equally good when layered under multiple necklaces. Yes, more is more in this case! Stacked neck pieces make the neckline look embellished, hence your look becomes even more striking.
Crew necklines are perfect as a day wear option too. Even if the dress is a little short, the neckline makes the outfit look subtle yet chic!
If you are top heavy or have a double chin or a round face, we won’t recommend this neckline, because it doesn’t help things. Else, this is as chic as it comes.

The songstress and her fashion rules!

i knew Anushka Manchanda would make it big from her channel V Popstars days. I was always betting on her. The singer with the most gorgeous, husky voice and an attitude to match, turns 29 today, and what better day to get her to spill some beans on her rocker chic style than her birthday? In this video, the singer talks about being a fearless fashionista and living her dreams as a singer. Here’s wishing Ms Manchanda a fantastic birthday and many more chart busters in the coming year!