Trendy Thursdays – Boxy Silhouette

of all the trends to emerge in the recent months, the one that came as a surprise package is the boxy silhouette. It stands out among all the ruffles, the bodycons, the fitted and flared styles, with its clean lines and a distinct, almost squarish shape.


While one might expect the celebs to always be seen in curve hugging dresses, fashion forward ladies Sonam Kapoor, Kalki Koechlin, Emma Stone and Lady Gaga, of course, are setting trends in boxy pieces.

A boxy top or a dress is usually a bit stiff and falls away from the body, therefore being not the most flattering piece to wear. But what you lose in shape, you more than make up in style. After all, not many can carry off a tricky silhouette, but with the right styling and loads of attitude, you can nail it.

It is easy for lean and tall girls to pull off a boxy piece, but even if you have a little bit of flab here and there, it neatly gets concealed under a boxy top or dress. For stout or plus sized girls this trend is best avoided, unless you have a great deal of confidence.

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The most obvious way to wear this silhouette would be to create a contrast with something fitted. A pair of skinny jeans with a boxy tee or a snug mini with a boxy jacket, or a skin fit turtleneck under a boxy shift, are easy ways to wear this trend. But if you want to push the envelope, combine boxy with slouchy. Make sure you show some skin and don’t drown in the volume of your clothes. Wear a boxy crop top with drop crotch pants and gladiator heels for that laidback yet sexy look. If ‘unfeminine’ and ‘unsexy’ are words you associate with this silhouette, you need to think again!

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Expert Speak: According to designer Michelle Salins, “Boxy silhouettes are worn by most body types, but they usually look best in small and medium built women and on those with long torsos. The look is best suited with fitted pants or skirts. Usually worm in summer, the boxy silhouette is best suited in solid colors or small prints. Draping a long slender necklace best accents a boxy top silhouette. Do not wear short neck pieces with this style as it could stump your body length.”


Celina scope!

it’s been a while since we saw her on the silver screen, but twin boys can be quite a handful, and Celina Jaitley is busy bringing two cherubic brats up. But she’s glowing and is in top shape! Former Miss India, actress and activist Celina Jaitley was at the India Resortwear Fashion Week last month. How could I have missed the opportunity to catch up with her and engage her in a style conversation for a few minutes? Celina told me she is currently loving the neon trend and all that she can’t do without in her wardrobe. Here’s a video of the exclusive fashion conversation.

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Dear Dior!


it’s Christian Dior’s 109th birth anniversary, and a perfect opportunity for us to pay a tribute to the iconic French designer who shaped the trajectory of fashion for years to come. The painfully shy rotund designer, who was notoriously superstitious and never received a man who didn’t wear a tie, wanted to make every woman look as feminine as possible.

Yes, that was Dior! His eponymous label, currently under the guidance of Raf Simons, is synonymous with elegance, grace and sophistication and echoes Dior’s oft quoted line, “Elegance must be a balance of simplicity, attention, poise and distinction.”

Dior’s contribution to fashion is what encyclopaedia are  made of. Be it the famous Bar Jacket in 1947(which accentuated the waist, lending an hourglass silhouette to women), the comma heeled pumps much later, the A line dress in the spring of 1955 or florals, Dior wanted women to be unabashedly feminine and sensuous. In February 1947, his collection featuring full circle skirts, with a little bit of ankle showing that created a waspy waist, earned the tag of the “New Look” by the then Harper’s Bazaar editor Carmel Snow and that marked the beginning of a fashion revolution which countless celebrities have been a part of over the years. Margaret Thatcher, the Prime Minister of the UK ) and Grace Kelly used to patronise the label and from the current crop of the rich and famous, there’s Charlize Theron, Keira Knightley, Jude Law (who swears by Dior Homme jeans and more recently Robert Pattinson, the face of Dior Homme.




Want to look like the Dior man/woman? Simply follow these guidelines. 

  • The Bar Jacket by Dior is considered a timeless fashion classic, and with good reason. It draws from the now famous peplum silhouette, and accentuates a woman’s curves. If you can’t afford a Dior Bar Jacket, check out our more affordable version, that’s equally form flattering. And no, you don’t need to loot the bank for it.
  • Dior’s fashion philosophy was all about giving women the perfect hourglass shape. Cinched, tiny waist, fuller hips, sometimes even with the help of padding and rounded shoulders (he detested the use of shoulder padding). Look for a full skirt this season, and the one place you are sure to find it is your mom’s wooden trunk.
  • Dior invented the A line silhouette back in 1955 and Yves Saint Laurent, who succeeded him at the House of Dior, lays claim to the trapeze dress, a modern take on the A line silhouette. Ladies, A line is an extremely flattering silhouette, and we consider a woman’s wardrobe incomplete without one. So get either a skirt or a dress (preferably the former if you love old school Dior) in an A line silhouette.
  • Pumps with comma heels (heels that resembled the punctuation mark), was another one of Dior’s invention and he rightly said that pumps go with everything. Nothing is a bigger truth than that. So get a pair of pumps in a neutral colour, that would “go with everything.”
  • As for the gentlemen, the washed denims and the super cool sunglasses from Dior Homme have gained fans from Usher, Kanye West and Jude Law. A man absolutely must own a nice pair of wayfarers and a pair of jeans that is hail and high tide proof. Else, don’t dare step out!look
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Crop n Hop!

fashion is all about rising and dropping hemlines, and when it comes to trousers, it is no different. Trending for a while now, are cropped trousers, that end anywhere between just below the calves, to just above the ankles.

The cropped pant can be a flattering piece, especially in slightly fitted styles, as it shows just a bit of skin and lets you flaunt your dainty ankles. And it also creates a very sleek silhouette because it doesn’t bunch up around the ankles like longer trousers that have not been hemmed properly.

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While cropped trousers may seem like day wear, the glitterati have taken them to the red carpet, making them a versatile option for formal wear too. Sonam Kapoor, Charlize Theron and Dia Mirza wore them on casual outings, while Miley Cyrus, Sophie Choudry and Emma Watson wore them to high profile events. The trousers also cropped up (no pun intended!) on the runways of Giorgio Armani, Saint Laurant, Payal Pratap and Aneeth Arora.

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This trend is not really for petite girls, as it tends to make you look shorter. But if you really want to try cropped pants, make sure they end just a little above your ankles, not higher. Alternately, wear them with heeled ankle booties or regular heels; they give continuity to the outfit and lengthen your legs.

Want to experiment with cropped pants before buying yourself a pair? Just give your regular pants a couple of neat folds and try it out.


What we love about cropped pants is that they give ample opportunity to show off your funky footwear, be it pop coloured heels or brogues with contrasting shoe laces! The only thing you need to take care of is to have well groomed feet. After all, that’s where all the attention would be.

So crop off those pants and let the cool breeze caress your skin!


Colour of the month – Radiant Orchid

every year, Pantone, the international authority on colour trends, announces a colour for the year and this year, it is a lovely combination of fuschia, pink and purple, the Radiant Orchid. This colour signifies great joy, love and health, and we wish this hue brings you the same in 2014!


Neither soft as lavender, nor deep as purple, radiant orchid is quite a unique colour that can brighten up the dullest of days. It is the colour celebs choose when they really want to stand out. It seems to be a favourite with Michelle Obama who often wears different shades of purple. Sarah Jessica Parker colour blocked it with warm red jeans, Dita von Teese went the literal route with orchid flowers in her headpiece and Kelly Osborne went the whole nine yards and even dyed her hair in this colour! Closer home, Sridevi and Bipasha Basu went head to toe in a deeper shade of orchid and even Bollywood machos Salman Khan and Saif Ali Khan weren’t afraid to wear this striking colour.


Designers Swapnil Shinde, Krishna Mehta, Max Mara and DKNY also used this colour in different variations in their Spring Summer ’14 collections. Talk about being right on trend!

And now that radiant orchid is the color of the year, we are going to be seeing a lot more of it! So here are a few tips on how to wear this colour:

  • It is a very saturated colour, so you can use it as an accent with accessories like statement heels or a cute bag, like Jessica Alba, who carried a tote in the colour.
  • It is also great for colour blocking; combine it with other brights like orange, lemon or teal or neutrals like camel and grey. Make note of the dress Ms Alba wore! Keep the silhouette clean and the look accessory less.
  • Orchid really pops in a print, especially on a darker background. We predict more dark florals in orchid this year!
  • Let orchid give a fresh look to your make up. Try it in an eye shadow or nail polish, and if you are feeling bold, wear an orchid hued lippie, as seen in Prabal Gurung’s Spring Summer 2014 show.
  • It is easy for colour shy guys to try, as it is not as feminine as a baby pink or peach. Wear softer tones in formal shirts, and brighter ones in a t-shirt or sweater and you can always layer it with something in a more traditionally masculine shade. Still not convinced? Start with accessories like sunglasses or a cap.

color-of-the-month(for her)



So go ahead and stock up on the colour of the year!

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