Bollywood Fridays: Calling Mr Joe B Cravalho



The first Bollywood release of the year is a comedy starring the super talented Arshad Warsi and the pint sized Soha Ali Khan, who never fails to surprise me with her histrionic skills. If  you find the pun on Arshad’s screen name clever and intriguing enough and are willing to give a small budget, zero hype film a chance (not a bad idea, given that the multi crore, multi starrers are turning out to be such despicable duds…yes, we are looking at you Dhoom 3, then Calling Mr Joe B Carvalho is a good pick for Friday watching. Besides it’s not every day that you can watch Soha Ali Khan rock a bikini, a cabaret outfit and a Khaki uniform, all within a matter of three hours!

Here’s what the lead pair is wearing in the film.



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Disclaimer: The cast, crew and production house of Joe B Carvalho has not endorsed Myntra or any of its products.


Trendy Thursday – Faux Fur

celebs_fauxfur designers_fauxfur prdtscan winter feel like winter without a bit of fur? We say no! Embracing all-things Punk, this year designers have given fur a ferocious-chic facelift. Spikes, patchwork and two-tone were some of the new avatars of fur seen on 2013 Fall/Winter runway. Design houses of Fendi, Altuzarra, Lanvin, Saint Laurent, Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs presented the age old trend in the most contemporary ways. The trend this year was not only limited to coats but was seen in bits on collars, around sleeves and pockets too! Fur caps and gloves also made a guest appearance on the runways.

A little piece of fur can really take your style quotient to the next level. The rich, luxurious appeal lends a fresh spin to your ensemble. Swearing to this notion, our celebrity beauties such as Ashley Olsen, Jennifer Lopez, Sienna Miller, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, Nicole Richie, Olivia Palermo and Katy Perry have showed us how hot the trend is currently.

Faux fur is an excellent fashion option for animal loving, PETA fearing peeps. Besides, it’s not cool to wear real fur, folks! Even West Hollywood has banned the sale of real fur clothes. Also, the faux version,without compromising on the oomph effect, come for a fraction of the cost of real fur. But if top to toe fur is not your thing, inject shots of fur in your winter wardrobe to make it a part of your everyday style.

Invest in a fur gilet this winter season. It is currently the chicest way to do winter layering. Wear it over tops, cardigans and even dresses to add a Bohemian touch to your look. Finish it with stacked bangles and messy hair.

What is really trending in the handbag world are faux fur bags. After all, your bags needa winter makeover too! And since fur never goes out of fashion, you can reuse it in the next winter season too!

Stylish fur accessories like caps, gloves or stoles. They can be on your cheat sheet to keep the chill away as well as make you look trendy. Now that will be fur-tastic, wouldn’t it?!

Designer Sanchita Ajjampur says, “Faux- fur looks are updated with textures in realistic, bear inspired neutral shades and contemporary, oversized or cropped styling. Move over pastels and artificial brights: fur takes on shades of browns, black and grey. Tufted faux fur combined with original fabric prints and a clean, modern cut can look simple and sophisticated.”


Fashion Commandments ’14!

a new year beckons with a sea of opportunities and fresh styles and we are excited to start this year with loads of energy and cheer!
Have you made your list of resolutions? Not the usual “get fit” and “save money” ones because we all know how long they last! So we have put together a list of easy resolutions for all you lazy bones like us, because no matter what, we all deserve a super stylish year. And with these resolutions, you also get to indulge your inner shopaholic. Yes, that’s our New Year’s gift to you!

For the Lady!
Thou shalt purge the old and bring in the new
Yes, yes, there is still that glimmer of hope that you’ll fit into the dress from five years ago. But it is just taking up precious real estate in your already cluttered wardrobe and if or when the time comes, would you even remember to wear it? Be a good Samaritan and give away the stuff you haven’t used in a year and reward yourself with shopping for trend pieces! After all, what’s a wardrobe that’s not au courant?

Thou shalt try one daring trend
If not now, then when? It’s the time to get out of your comfort zone and try that crop top you’ve been eyeing but are too shy to wear, or even that insect print dress! It will be a good reason to hit the gym, because the better you feel about your body, the more fashion risks you’ll be able to take. But sometimes, it’s really about that “catch me caring” attitude that earns you big fashion points!

Thou shalt learn to walk in heels
No more excuses, if you want to get that sexy walk, you must learn to endure the pain of stilettos. Stand tall, head high and practice, practice till you get it right. You deserve those lustworthy heels, so don’t wait for them any longer! Flat footed? Go for the wedges, but do wear those extra inches.

Thou shalt take good care of thy skin
Party hard, but come back and remove your makeup. You can’t Photoshop all your pictures, so just give your skin sweet pamper time with yummy fragrant scrubs and creams. And the added advantage with good skin is you save your dough on make up!

Thou shalt not fear accessories
Did you know that one can turn from the plain Jane girl next door to a glamorous diva with just a few accessories? Yes, it can be pretty easy if you accessorize well. After all, everyone wears jeans and tees, but if you have a cool bag or a great statement necklace to go with it, you will be Instagram ready all year round. Also, you have the option of recycling your outfits by simply changing the accessories!


….And the Lord!
Thou shalt wear colour
Push away the cloud of blue and grey and explore the wonderful world of colour! Why deprive yourself when there is so much to choose from? Trust us guys; reds, yellows, greens and purples will come as a breath of fresh air for seekers of eye candy!

Thou shalt make the right match
No more wearing black shoes with a brown belt, or sports socks with formal shoes. Abide by some rules and being stylish will get easier than you expect. Check out our “faux pas” video and take notes for 2014.

Thou shalt clean up
And we don’t mean a deodorant bath, we mean actually having a bath and being clean. Movember is long gone, and unless you are George Clooney, we would recommend getting rid of that stubble for a smooth shave. Being a guy shouldn’t stop you from pampering yourself, at least once in a while!

Thou shalt wear what fits
Trousers sit on the waist, not two feet below it, a T-shirt’s shoulders should be where your shoulders are, not elbows and body hugging doesn’t mean asphyxiating. Buy clothes your size and see for yourself how polished you look. Mirrors and measuring tapes don’t lie!

Thou shall invest in quality
Nothing speaks class like a good leather wallet or a watch that hasn’t seen a repair man in years. What is classic, should last like a classic. It won’t hurt to spend on something you will use for years to come.


We hope you’ve taken your notes on these easy tips and gearing up for a great, fashionable year. Here’s stepping into 2014 in style!

Trends 2013 – through the rear view mirror

as the year draws to a close today, we look back at the multitude of trends we saw – some that were going strong since the previous year, some rehashed from decades ago and some brand new.
Which ones were expected? Which ones were overdone? What would we want to see the next year too? Here’s a look at what we think were the key influences on the trends of 2013.

Classic Ladylike
Midis and pencil skirts, peplums and pussybows and loads of lace – the uber feminine and most elegant styles reigned, and how! Such was the charm of this trend that even the most tomboyish girls couldn’t resist trying something from this style. A new silhouette, the high-low hemline emerged as the winner, and was seen on everything from tops, dresses, skirts and even kurtas. We haven’t had enough of the high-low just yet, so bring on some more, 2014!

Old World Opulence
While Baroque was going strong since 2012, it was the one grand motion picture, the Great Gatsby, which turned the course of fashion towards the Art Deco movement of the 1920s. Gold and more gold, along with geometric shapes and a return of velvet in the second half of the year, gave us all the grandeur we could ask for.

Skin Show
What a year it was for innovative ways of showing off skin! And we don’t mind one bit! Crop tops returned from the 90s and took over street style (also perhaps increasing the number of gym memberships this year). The red carpet also saw a lot of action, with the thigh high slit and strategically placed sheer panels reaching new levels of daring.

2 Quirk Factor
The most mundane objects imaginable were turned into curious motifs for prints and accessories, the moustache being most popular among the lot. And for those who just couldn’t get enough, the print on print trend happily obliged. Whether clashing or co-ordinated, prints were worn top to bottom and we got to experiment with combinations we never thought could work!

Military, Grunge and Punk
While the Met Ball of 2013 was dedicated to 90’s Punk, along came the grunge and military styles for those who wanted something rugged and edgy. Camouflage prints, combat boots, double denim and studs on every possible thing; anti fashion became sought after and polished. We especially loved the ear cuff worn on one ear – way to be rebellious and stylish at the same time!

This was also the year of amazing contrasts. With the uber feminine trend, androgyny also emerged as a strong look. Brogues and smoking slippers were quick ways to get a bit of menswear inspired fashion, and borrowing from the boys almost became a norm. The minimalism of androgyny also gave respite from the sensory overload of prints and textures that were all around.

Sports Luxe
Perhaps one of the biggest new trends to emerge this year, Sports Luxe was a fresh and much more stylish take on sportswear inspired fashion. Who would have thought sweatshirts would be statement making and rubber watches would be cool again? This year also saw a new invention – the wedge sneaker that combined comfort and style, the essence of Sports Luxe. And that’s why we don’t want this trend to end!

So there it is, this year’s trends, and what a stylish year it was! Tell us in the comments section, which were your favourites and which ones you would want to bid adieu to with 2013.
Wishing all of you a fun, fashion filled 2014!

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Playing St Nicholas


so the year is coming to an end and we, at Myntra, are all feeling a bit like the big man himself – Santa Claus. So, it felt really good when our makeover candidate for December, Megna, a new mom, called us her Santa Claus! The dentist by profession is mother to the most adorable six-month old that has stepped into the Myntra office and the angel was right by her side when she was being given the makeover. It was inspiring to see how quickly Megna has got back into shape after delivery, and so we wanted to go as funky and fun as fashion would permit us with her! That explains the red chilli printed dress (we were certain the gorgeous momma could pull it off; and pull it off she did).

The smile her “little angel” flashed after seeing her new mommy made all the effort worth it.

Lucky, an IT professional from Madhya Pradesh, refused to believe that he was chosen for the makeover when we called him! With him, the task at hand was to convince him to ditch his monochromatic wardrobe and inject some serious dose of colour in his ensemble. After all, he is just 23; if not now, then when? So the brightest shade of orange it was for the T shirt, which, as an added advantage, came with a gorgeous graphic print. A well cut blazer paired with navy trousers and a pair of classy shoes, and the man was ready to hit the town!

Here’s the makeover video for all of you to watch. Do let us know via the comments section what you thought of it. It’s always nice to hear from those that matter the most to us – YOU.

If you wish to buy the clothes and accessories we have used to style our makeover candidates, please click on the link.

On her: Red chill printed dress, ear cuff, brown pumps

On him: Navy blue chinos, navy blue blazer, brown suede shoes  , orange graphic printed T shirt, sunglasses