Get Fringed!

the fringe has returned and this time with a bang! In the form of shredded fabric or beaded trims, there is no turning away from this trend.   The fringe is now more wearable on a daily basis and is surely an eye-catching trend. Find that perfect bohemian vibe, or just opt for something flirty and fun with fringes. From the shimmering runways to the most fashionable A-listers fringes are on everyone!


Celebrities internationally and even at home have been going all out with fringed clothing. Although most fringed clothing spotted is in the form of dresses, stars like Anushka Sharma and Kareena Kapoor wore a fringed jacket and top respectively in their own unique ways, showing off this flirty trend.  Fringed dresses in metallic fabrics are ultra-glam as seen sported by Evan Rachel Wood and Georgia Jagger.

You possibly couldn’t go wrong with a fringed dress in black, white or in something monochromatic. Katrina on the other hand is just dipping her toes in the trend with fringe trimmed dresses, while Zoe Saldana and Katy Perry have gone all out with fringes!


Runways that saw fringes sway and bounce included those of Calvin Klein, Emilio Pucci and  Altuzarra.  Rodarte went ultra-feminine with fringes and Emilio Pucci combined tribal-inspired prints with fringes for some boho style.

Now this is definitely a trend to embrace but do so with heed. Fringes inherently add volume so it would be best to avoid clothing with fringes around your problem areas. On the other hand if you are looking to add volume to your figure this is just what you need!

Fringed tees with jeans and flip-flops are casual and perfect for a movie or an afternoon at your favourite cafe. A jacket with fringes or a skirt trimmed with them is great for those who don’t want to overdo it. If you feel like making a statement, wear a fringed dress with some bold accessories.

Swish your way through the crowds while you turn heads with fringes!

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Make merry, fashionably!

tis the season to be jolly, so in case you are stressing about what to wear to all those Christmas soirées, don’t fret! We are here to rescue you in style, literally! Whether you are attending a fancy dinner, office Christmas do or a happening party, we tell you how to look the part fabulously!

Look 1: Party the night away  

A party calls for a certain degree of glam! Ladies, this year make your mark with shimmer or studs. Statement earrings will do a lot to dress you up, whether you have your locks in an updo or left open.


Boys can rock Christmassy red trousers with a chunky watch to add a touch of style. A plain black shirt or something unobtrusive would be ideal to let your coloured bottoms get all the attention.

Look 2: Wine and dine


Stun for a sophisticated dinner with a Peter Pan collared dress and neat square studs on your ears. Another option for a sit down dinner would be a knee length dress; be it bodycon or tailored, paired  with peep toes and an oversized clutch.

Boys can’t possibly go wrong with a dinner jacket and formal shoes. A tie would be over doing it a tad bit, so just stick to formals and throw on a smart jacket.

Look 3: Christmas at work  


After-work engagements with your colleagues and bosses call for a definite change in wardrobe. But you don’t want to look inappropriate in any way. Play it safe with a dress that is not too short in a Christmassy colour like red or green. Add statement pumps or kitten heels.

The gentlemen can wear semi-formal trousers with a slim fit shirt and a pair of glossy leather or classy suede shoes. Throw on a muffler to add some character to your outfit. A red one will add that festive element as long as it goes with the rest of your ensemble.

Make this Christmas high on style!

Dress Your Personality – Party Animal

creature of the night, high on energy, super socializer and always ready for some fun; if you identify with these traits, you are, we suspect, already thinking about your next party. You’re a party animal, never at home on a weekend evening, unless the party is at your place! Your energy levels peak in the evenings, with the rising volume of music, and we think the phrase “party-hopping” was made for the likes of you!

For the party going pros, dressing up is easier than it is for the rest, because, we are sure you already have a wardrobe in place. The only anxiety they court stems from the fear of repeating an outfit. A party gal will take just a few minutes to get her make up in place, winged eyeliner included! And the party boy is a magician with hair styling tricks. They never fail to look glamorous and stylish as they step out of the house, ready to dance the night away.


Take tips from party hoppers Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Anusha Dandekar, Channing Tatum and Ranveer Singh to create a variety of looks for all the year-end parties lined up.


If you’ve got some of the basics right, it is easy to become a pro at dressing up for parties in a jiffy. For girls, while the classic LBD (little black dress) is fail proof, you can also try different options that are more on trend. A short dress with a flirty hemline, a bold colour, and sequins go a long way in making you the life of the party. For those who want to try something else, pick a classy jumpsuit for a combination of comfort and style. And if your clothes feel too plain, you can always depend on accessories – a shiny clutch, sky high heels and statement jewellery.

For guys, a pair of trousers that are right for your body type is a must. Get a few shirts in luxurious materials like satin and silk, and try out prints – it will be a great change from your basic office wear. For more casual events, make a statement with a funky t-shirt and show off some accessories.

Parties are the one place where you can load on the bling without fear. Take this chance to shine!

You are a party animal if:
· Shine, sequins, glitter and embellishments define your wardrobe.

· “Bling” is an everyday thing for you, because…hey, there’s a party every day to go to!

· You have a ‘regular’ perfume and a ‘party’ perfume.

· You know exactly what to wear to which kind of party, and you turn out to be the best dressed there and some times walk home with the Best Dressed sash and a goodie bag.

· If you don’t have any parties to go to, you just decide to host one yourself!




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Of Sarod and Sartorialism

A few weeks ago, I met the charming Khan brothers (Amaan and Ayaan Ali) at the lovely Oakwood Hotels in UB City, Bangalore.  It was when the three of us were chatting about, what else,  but fashion that I realised how grounded the sarod geniuses are. They both agreed that it’s important to know what you can carry off and what you can’t before you go about picking your outfits and push yourself too hard, be it on stage or off it. You have to be realistc about what you can wear and what you can’t.

Turns out the brothers are very different in their sense of styles. Amaan, the elder one (he never forgets to mention that), loves the cowboy and biker look. He likes Harley Davidson jackets, boots  and watches. The younger one, Ayaan, is more of a casual dresser. “He likes keds, I don’t,” points out Amaan.

Amaan is basic in his taste (likes blacks and whites) and doesn’t care much about designer wear. “Most of the stuff I wear is given by friends. I like designers like Rohit and Rahul Khanna, Shantanu and Nikhil, Rohit Bal, but can even shop from Sarojini Nagar in Delhi. I can shop from the biggest to the smallest brands,” he says.

The brothers look their best in the traditional Kurta Pajama, which is their stage staple. But even there, their sartorial senses are slightly different. “Ayaan wears churidars while I wear the baggy loose pajamas with Kurtas,” says Amaan, adding, “We practice for four five hours a day wearing a kurta pajama, so it’s become a part of our lifestyle now.”

They are regulars in the Delhi party circuit and feel basic grooming goes a long way in making one look and feel good before a big night.

Shave, cut your nails, groom yourself if you’re going out, be a little conscious of yourself. And by that I don’t mean spending the whole day at the spa. But a little bit of effort is important,” says Ayaan.

Amaan’s advise includes brushing your teeth, using a good cologne and staying fit.

Here are some pearls of wisdom from the brothers.

Amaan: You should not make clothes your personality, the clothes should become a part of your personality and enhance it. Disasters have happened to me when I have tried too hard. That’s when you ruin it. Just a white or a black tee shirt  with a pair of blue jeans and jacket can sometimes do the trick.

Ayaan:  Your work can make you look good or bad. Mix and match and do something new. I am open to change.

Hope you enjoy the video.


Sale-Time Splurges

Shopping can be a frustrating experience sometimes. You see something you like, but the price is too high. And a second look confirms that it’s anyway too ‘fashion-y’ for you…a little over-the-top; just enough to make you feel fabulous in the dressing room at the store, but you know you’d never wear it outside the house. Or maybe you would, but if only the price was right. Then, you’d buy it for sure, and wouldn’t feel so bad if it became something that only added to the beauty of your cupboard, and never yours.

If you’ve ever had this feeling, welcome to the human race (sub-category: Female). Everyone has felt this at some time or the other. And the best way around this problem is to wait till the sales start. Sales are the perfect time of the year when you can indulge in some fantasy-shopping, buying things that you won’t otherwise because of their fashion factor, and not feel bad about it afterwards at all. And sometimes, just sometimes, you’ll discover a new, more daring side of yourself that revels in its new avatar. For either reason, here are some key, ‘fashion-y’ basics that you can look at while splurging guilt-free during sale time.

Some things that you'd want to buy during the sales: otherwise too expensive and fashion-y for you