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Rockstar Ranbir!

Today one of Bollywood’s most eligible bachelors celebrates his 31st birthday! From several coming-of-age roles to playing a rockstar, there isn’t a role this superstar hasn’t explored. We wish Ranbir Kapoor a very happy birthday while we decode some of his most popular film looks.


Set in the 1970’s this film sees Ranbir Kapoor wear a beret, sleeveless cardigans, polo T-shirts, trousers and leather sandals. He sports a pony tail, thin moustache and beret. The movie brings out a look that is more real as opposed to the stereotype of 70s fashion like bell bottoms and oversized collars. Half sleeved shirts or polo’s with a sleeveless cardigan and trousers would give you this look in an instant.

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Nothing beats the hotness of Ranbir playing a rebellious rockstar. From kurtas to a military jacket paired with harem pants, this fearless rockstar wore it all. We cannot ignore the police shirt that looked unbelievably cool in the Sadda Haq video. Unkempt hair and stubble completed the look. The chain around his neck has souvenirs from his travels making it the perfect accessory for this wounded soul. Work this look by pairing dark blue jeans and a jacket; or a shirt with harem pants and leather sandals. A chain for your neck and a leather bracelet are must-haves!


Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani

In Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani, Ranbir plays a carefree and cheeky college graduate with big dreams. He is seen wearing clothes that are fun and colourful just like his character in the film. From puffer jackets to a sequinned Manish Malhotra kurta pyjama, Ranbir sported it all in this film. Get the look by pairing khaki cargos or dark denims with casual checked shirts and jackets of course. Don’t forget cool sneakers and sunglasses as accessories.


Wake up Sid

As Sid, the spoilt brat who eventually finds himself, Ranbir wore a super cool casual look with cartoon printed tees and jeans dominating his look. A stylish backpack makes the perfect accessory to complete this look.


Rocket Singh

Ranbir played Rocket Singh, a salesman who tries to make it big. Unlike most of his other films, the actor was formally dressed for most part of this movie. With striped and checked formal shirts, trousers, ties and formal shoes, the look in this movie is perfect for the working professional! All you need to look well-turned out like Rocket Singh are striped formal shirts paired with dark brown or grey trousers and a striped tie to complete the look of course!


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ranbir kapoor

The debonair Ranbir Kapoor is easily one of the most impeccably mannered men I have met. He waits for you to sit down and then takes his seat and politely offers you a drink (which I refused, as I’m a poor multi tasker: sipping on a mocktail and trying to make conversation with a dreamboat can be quite a task). RK got chatting with me on his personal style and revealed something that many of you might find a tad hard to digest: that he takes less than five minutes to get ready.

Off screen I wear anything I’m comfortable in — jeans, T-shirts, sneakers. Those are usually what I wear. My styling is also borrowed from the films I’m doing. When I did Wake Up Sid, I drew up a lot of T shirts from my wardrobe. Like right now the bali I’m wearing is for my forthcoming film Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani. Someone told me if I take it off, the hole will close. And it hurt a lot when I got it pierced. But I don’t do things to myself like tattoo myself.
I’m not much of a shopper. I only travel when I’m shooting. So my shopping happens on film sets.
I don’t have a personal stylist. I pick and wear whatever I find in my cupboard. My mom shops for me, but she still thinks I’m an eight-year-old kid who wears one particular thing. I guess with time and age, you develop your own sense of style.

I’m a big fan of Prada, Dolce and Gabbana, G Star, Rajesh Pratap Singh and Aki Narula in India and the local brands wherever I’m shooting. I can go there, spend an hour and pick up everything I need. At the same time, I can wear anything at all. Give me a white tee from Fashion Market in Mumbai, and I will wear it. If the fabric feels comfortable, I’m good with anything.

Saif Ali Khan is really stylish. He has really good sense and is impeccably dressed for every occasion.

The man makes the clothes, a handsome is what a handsome does. I take four and a half minutes to get ready; three and a half in the shower and another minute to take my clothes from the sofa where it’s all strewn. What I usually do is find a tee shirt that’s clean. I don’t wash my jeans that often.

Ranbir: New York, Paris, London

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Will you have a Barfi today?

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So one of the most awaited Bolly films this year releases today! I’m sure all of you will join the beeline to the theatres this evening to catch the Ranbir Kapoor-Priyanka Chopra-Ileana D’ Cruz starrer Barfi. I couldn’t think of a better day to share with you vignettes from the fashion conversations I had with the stars of the film. They are all style mavens in their own right. Besides talking about sporting the 70s look in Barfi, they gave me an insight into their style personas. Look out for them in the forthcoming posts.

Sit back, relax and enjoy!


Ranbir: The film is based in the 1970s Darjeeling and Calcutta. We had to stay true to that period. Having said that, we didn’t want to make it very pop culture-ish. When we make period films of the 70s, you only see bell bottoms, big collars and big sidelocks. We wanted it to be more real. The character of Barfi has the potential of becoming memorable. He has a ponytail, a beret cap, and a thin moustache in parts of the film, which were all my idea. There are three different looks over a period of time and I have to give credit to stylists Aki Narula, Shefalina Gupta and the director of the film, Anurag Basu. Styling has come a long way in Hindi cinema. We have tried to stay true to the world of the 70s in Barfi and not just make a fashion statement out of it. Instead of keeping the character simple and look like Ranbir, I wanted him to look different. I hope you take some fashion from the film. Films are a huge fashion statement. As an actor, you have a huge responsibility towards where you’re leading the youth in terms of fashion.

Ileana: We didn’t want to go all out, but keep it as realistic as possible. My character Shruthi is a sheltered Bengali girl. We kept it feminine, which is why we got woollen skirts, scarves, colours, knee- high boots. We didn’t want too much of prints. If we did prints, it had to be simplistic. The look is very young. When she gets married, she wears Dhakai sarees and winged eyeliner to bring out the 70s era along with the bouffant hair. We kept her eyes as pronounced as possible because she’s a Bengali girl. She wears her hair in a side ponytail. When she gets married, she plaits it with a little front lock to frame the face and make her look more feminine. I have worn shrugs and nice big head bands.

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Ranbir: The styling came out instinctively out of my influences which have been my grandfather Mr Raj Kapoor, Charlie Chaplin, Mr Bean and Buster Keaton.

Ileana: The director took inspiration from his mother and his wife, Tani. There were times they bought sarees from Calcutta.