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Chinwag with Chitrangda


The gorgeous Chitrangda Singh is the chosen star for the Myntra Star N Style campaign for the months of November and December. Over the next two months, we hope to bring to you vignettes from our interaction with the star, that would reveal her personal style, top picks from her wardrobe, memorable fashion moments and of course style tips from Chitrangda herself for all you lovely people.

Chitrangda is already in love with Myntra. “It’s a great portal. There’s a lot of freedom to shop and  you can also return if you don’t like something. So it’s pretty easy. I really like that concept. It’s a great facility. There are so many brands to choose from.”

I met the Desi Boyz actress sans make up when at an Andheri studio for our shoot that was being styled by noted stylist Aki Narula. And I have to admit a tad reluctantly albeit that I caught myself gaping at her flawless olive skin and sparkling, deep eyes. Everyone transforms with make up, but here’s an actress who looks as good even without it!

The other thing that really left me impressed was the fact that Chitrangda is really in sync with fashion. She came across as someone who follows fashion and enjoys it, yet isn’t really someone who’s a slave to trends and labels. That’s our favourite attitude to fashion and CS has it.

Here Chitrangda chats with me about, what else, but that fickle mistress called fashion. Enjoy!

MY PERSONAL STYLE: It’s definitely not something that changes with fashion. I don’t follow fashion intensely. I keep things basic, structured and like clean lines. I don’t go for too much of bling. I’m not very experimental, maybe a bit with hair and make up, but my personal wardrobe remains simple. I like effortless dressing.

MY FAVOURITE FASHION DECADES: I love the kind of stuff they used to wear in the 60s and 70s and it’s great that all of that is coming back now. I really like that old time charm. I also like the 80s, what  Madonna wore. The padded shoulders, the neons are all coming back.

 MY FAVOURITE LOOK FROM MY FILMS: I like my look in the item song Kaafirana in Joker. It’s something I had never done before. I have mostly done the urban , modern woman look. The whole kajal and hair in the song is something I quite like.


Blazer jackets; you can put it on a pair of jeans or anything else you’re wearing and it really dresses you up. I have them in monotones like black, blue, pinks and whites, sequined and I usually wear them with a pair of red or gold heels. It really dresses you up.

White shirt. I have plenty of them. A white shirt on jeans is a timeless look.

Nude heels

White keds


MY FAVOURITE CELLULOID CHARACTER: One of the most stylish celluloid character was Miranda Priestly (played by Meryl Streep) in The Devil Wears Prada. But the most fashionable one was Elvira Hancock (Michelle Pfeiffer) in Scarface. She was amazing, elegant, understated and wore her confidence. She looked beautiful.

Stay tuned for more from the dusky damsel in the coming weeks.

Autumn Winter Style Tips from the Mercurial Girl – Kalki Koechlin

This month saw the launch of Star N Style in Myntra, and we couldn’t have asked for a better star than Kalki Koechlin. She’s famous for her portrayal of quirky characters on-screen. Turns out that the real Kalki is just as interesting, and her signature style is mercurial – she’s been seen in everything from boho dresses to stunning gowns. Here are a few fabulous style tips she shared with us for the upcoming season. I’m dying to try out tip no 2. Do try out the looks and let me know how it goes.

kalki style tips for autumn winter

Kalki Koechlin – A Red Carpet Affair to Remember

What is the first thing you think of when you see Kalki Koechlin on the red carpet? Her charming countenance? Her electrifying smile? Her perfect ten figure? For me, it is a combination of all these and her endearing persona for, let’s face it, you just cannot miss Kalki whenever she makes an appearance at the most happening soirees in the cinema and fashion circles. In this piece, I pick out five of her most recent red carpet looks, deconstruct her sense of knockout red carpet style, and recreate an all-time favourite look with our very own Myntra products. This one is indeed a blazing entry in our red carpet diaries…

Kalki on the Red Carpet

Kalki Koechlin has been there and done it all- from the Cannes Film Festival and the IIFA Awards to the Filmfare Awards and the Colors Screen Awards, she has had the paparazzi scramble to get a picture of her, every single time. Be it the sheer grey tulle half saree with the scarlet head ornament (an international show of impressive and influential Indian dress sensibilities), or the pleated satin dress with the chunky black jewellery and the patterned grey purse, she can give most Hollywood A-listers a run for their money. A firm believer in fashion experimentation, Kalki has even donned a chromatic and layered sleeveless ankle-length dress with a jeweled waistband (not to mention the trendy side braid) and black pencil heels. She has also played it classy, a case in point being the flowing black gown with a magnificent lace neckline that she sported at a recent movie awards ceremony. This takes us to the look I favour most, the vibrant pink square-neck sleeveless gown with a simplistic black clutch, black watch, black heels and last but not the least, her shiny mane let loose. Kalki sure knows how to keep it sharp and realistic yet uber stylish and sophisticated. And to make it even more interesting, here is a rendering of the stunning diva-in-pink look with merchandise that is available right here at Myntra.

Kalki's Red Carpet Look Revisited with Myntra Products

For a young Bollywood star on the rise, Kalki Koechlin sure knows her fashion! She makes you want to fish out a clipboard and start jotting down some pointers about style (read: keeping abreast of the current trends whilst maintaining an incisive personal flavour), doesn’t she? After all, the ability of making the rest of one’s surrounding melt away, and having your audience’s eyes riveted only on you comes with a lot of effort being put into how you style your look. Here’s to Kalki and her power to make thousands of women (including me) be comfortable in their own skin, to dress to impress; here’s to the country’s next big fashionista! Kalki, if you are reading this, I would only like to say… encore!

- Deepthi

Launching Star N Style

A girl’s 21st birthday marks a major milestone in her life. Yours is in a couple of weeks, and you’re not sure of what to wear. Then you pick up a Cosmo and see Katrina on the cover page. Bingo! That’s the look you want. And if you’re a boy whose best friend is getting engaged, you would want to look rather awesome yourself, right? Who do you turn to when you’re confused? Abhay Deol or Ranbir Kapoor?

Yes, that’s the truth. We put a lot of faith in our Bollywood actors, and would love to look like them. Bringing these stars closer to you is our latest section, Star N Style, where you can get style tips from your favourite personalities, get a peek into their personal style, and get ideas on how to pull off their look for your next party.

star n style

And guess who’s the first star we’re bringing to you? Kalki Koechlin! Yupp, the school girl (of Dev D fame) did a great job growing up, and has become quite the fashionista. She’s here to add some glamour to your life. Plus, she is being styled by Aki Narula, the designer/stylist associated with stylish Bollywood movies like Dostana, Rockstar, Agent Vinod and more. Excited? I sure do hope so!

We also had an event in Delhi, where Kalki met with Mukesh Bansal, Myntra’s Founder and CEO.  Check out the highlights:

Kalki Koechlin

Also present were some popular Delhi bloggers, like  Akanksha, Priyanka Sachar (Twilight Fairy), and some of them even wrote about it: Shaily, Mehak, Naina. You can also view the Tweet stream from the event here. What a treat!

Who else would you like to see featured on Star N Style? Suggestions please!